Deck Ball Strategy
I have just recently discovered this game, and i think that it is one of the best. Ok, you have to play on the captain difficulty level to get dubloons from it, and i strongly recomend that you go with the survival option. If you get 7 points, you get a 2 dubloon coin!!! and if you get 6 points, you get one dubloon! thats what happened to me, and now this is one of my favorite games.  The key is that you don't go in the offense at all. Never go past your half of the court, and just defend your goal. Stay near your goal, and always stay ball-side, (the side of the court that the ball is on) and block the ball when it comes to your side.  Mirgle is stupid, and the combination of you blocking it, and keeping the ball out of your goal, he will hit it in his own goal.  The key is to be patient, (don't worry, it doesn't take THAT long).  Don't worry about getting the crackers or the anchors, let those go and just defend your goal, i have lost several times because i went off my line to get a cracker, and mirgle hit it in.  Once you get the hang of it, this game becomes a real cash cow, you can either sell or use the dubloons.  Have Fun!
Does Mirgle's legs look really wierd to you too?
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