A Little about me...

My name is Tracy, but you all know me as May_Weed. (No, my name has nothing to do with the green leafy substance that one rolls in paper and smokes LOL )
I live in B.C. Canada, which for those who are unfamiliar with Canada, is on the West Coast. Or as we like to affectionatly call it, "The Wet Coast".
My other account names are My2sons and Mamas3boys.
They are just there for me to play with and have a few extra pets in...

My husband Darryl and I have been married for six years and are the proud parents of 3 very active boys. Connor is 5, Erik is 3, and Nathan is 18 months. We also have my husband's 9 year old daughter, Nicole staying with us every weekend.

We have 3 cats, but that may be whittled down to 2 soon as one of them refuses to come into the house any more.

I like to collect unicorn related items. My hobbies include needlework (cross stitch and crochet) and reading. My favorite authors are Jean Auel, Jeffery Archer, L.M. Montgomery and Anne Perry.

I like to play cards and Scrabble, and on-line I like to play just about anything, especially Scrabble and Cribbage.

When I am not playing neopets I like to look through different recipe sites or play games at either pogo.com or games.com .
I have ICQ, Yahoo,and MSN on-line messaging. Neomail me for any of the IDs if you want them.

I have been playing Neopets for around 3 years now and found the site while searching for free stuff... LOL.

My favorite things about neopets are the games and my friends that I have made here.
My favorite game is Ultimate Bullseye, even though I suck at it lol.
My favorite world is Meridell.
I currently collect Kau stuff in my main account and in one of my others I collect mostly map pieces and neggs and some other things that I just happened upon and liked.

If there is anything else about me that you want to know, please feel free to ask me...

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