Hi My Name is Lady Vaele.

I have 2 primary accounts, Ladyvaele has most of my neostuff and points Bewhy2 is my main shop account.

The rest of my accounts are Galleries.

Bewhy is for toys and Usukis. It is dedicated to my youngest son. The name bewhy originally came from him cuz he went through a phase where he asked that question constantly Be Why??

My other 2 accounts are weewuns and weewuns2 .

Weewuns is a gallery called the Ladies Room It is for clothes, grooming, gifts and hard to find items (specials)

Weewuns2 is The Bar with slushies, smoothies, and coffee house drinks.

My last account was my oldest sons playea_69. Now it is being used for Gross foods and broken toys and is called the Castle Midden.

I live in Ontario, Canada. With my husband of 6 years Dan and my 8 year old son who plays Neopets (Owner=littlelordvaele) and my 6 year old son. They are both high needs kids one is Apraxtic and the other is Autistic. My 16 year old is currently living on his own, but has an invitation to join the rest of us when he gets it all together.

I enjoy cooking and baking, reading (either Harlequins or Fantasy epics), and being online. A friend of mine convinced me that I should get Yahoo messanger and my user name is LadyVaele. I am hopeless with HTML so I don't have a web page. My other favourite online site is Pogo where my user name is also LadyVaele.

I have been playing Neopets for over 2 years. My favourite thing are the games, and collecting. I like all the games except splat a sloth, grundo's gym and tug of war. I like Merridel the best and can hardly wait till they finish it.

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