My name is Karen, but you all know me best as Kaylaruk. I am also known as a_celtic_heart.
Kaylaruk is my primary account, and I use the other one too, but not so much recently, I couldn't bear to part with the pets in it, so it has become my pet haven.

I live in Banffshire, Scotland.

I have 4 children, twin boys who are now 12, a daughter who is 9 and another son who is 5. My significant other is Mark, otherwise known as Carpki in neopets.

My favorite game is scrabble and I also like to play it on-line. I collect pens, and my hobbies are reading, the internet and my pets. (Kids not included, they are wild animals LOL)

I have Yahoo and MSN on-line messaging, neomail me for the ID's.

I love Scotland the land of my birth and I love the internet for allowing me to meet a bunch of kewl friends who give me an insight into what life is like over the pond!!!
Thanx to all my buddies online for making my life a bit more interesting

I have been playing neopets for around 14 months now, and love everything about it. A friend of mine in England who has been hooked for a lot longer than me told me about it.

My favorite game is Destructomatch and my favorite world so far is Meridell.

I sort of collect things, but mostly it is just a bunch of things that I want to keep simply because I want to...
Check out my gallery on my kaylaruk account, its getting bigger all the time!!!!

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