Hi My Name is Jacque

Personal Stuff:

What are the names of your other alter egos (accounts): Don�t have any( yet)))
Which is your primary account: arijosvanalyrjmommie ( this is the first three letters of my 4 middle children and the initials of my baby don�t ask)
Where do you live: Tucson Arizona in the United States
How many childern do you have : 6 and one nephew who will be living with us Are they boys or girls 4 girls and 3 boys
and how old are they: Nicole is 16, Alekz is 11, Ariana is 7, Josiah is 6, Vanessa and Alyssa are 4, and Rj is 2.
Who is your significant other : my love of my life Riki
What is your favourite game hockey
What is your favourite on-line game: neopets and powerpets
Do you collect anything: Aisha things I love them.
What are your hobbies : mostly my kids and my computer but I love to draw and paint as well.
Do you have a personal webpage and what is the URL: NO.
Do you have online messaging: Yup,
What kind and what name: msn is jrntucson yahoo is rikisgirl and aol is jacqueami.
What is your favourite website (other then Neopets) : powerpets is a lot of fun but new.

Neo Stuff:

How long have you been playing? December 18th, 2002.
What is your favourite thing about Neopia? All the cool items to collect and my cool guild friends!
How did you learn about Neopets? Hopenprayer my friend brought me here!!
What is your favourite Neopet game? Nimo's pond right now.
What is your favourite world? Lost Desert.
Do you collect anything and if so what? Aisha things and I need to find me a lost desert paint brush for my aisha I really like that look

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