My name is HopeNPrayer.

My name is D'Nea but I'm known as HopeNPrayer here on Neopets. I also have a gallery account in the name of HopeNPrayersgallery. Pretty easy to remember huh? lol In my regular shop I've just started collecting things like codestones, plushies, and petpets. It's a small collection right now but it will grow in time :) In my gallery shop I've collected a few Coffees and coffee related items. I'm passionate about my coffee LOL! The stronger the better! With 5 kids one has to stay awake one way or another!

I live in Georgia (USA) in a small town south of Atlanta with my husband and 4 children. They're 12 (son), 8 (daughter)and I have 2 year old twins (boy and girl). I also have a Shih Tzu named Cha-Bri's HopeNPrayer (Hope for short), which is obviously where my neopets user name came from! She helped me get through a very difficult time in my life; her and some hope and prayers! *grin*

I'm a stay at home mom and homeschool my children. My hobbies include reading, crafting/painting (when there's time), playing in PSP, NEOPETS (of course! ), and I used to enjoy creating websites but there isn't much time for that lately and I've gotten quite rusty at it .

My favorite games would have to be Scrabble and maybe Uno. I don't play games that much unless it's with my children. My favorite Neopets games are Ultimate Bullseye and Pyramids.

I collect roosters. Don't ask me why lol. It all started when we moved (Jan of 2003) to our new house. I have roosters everywhere now! My husband says enough is enough, but is it really enough? What is enough? hehehehe!

I have AOL IMs (or AIM), and MSN messenger if you'd like to IM me. Just neomail me for the name :)

I've been playing on Neopets for almost a year now and my favorite world would really have to be Meridell. My favorite thing to do on Neopets is buy and SELL and collect those NPS! I figure if I can't be a millionaire in real life then I may as well enjoy getting rich in this fantasy world! *grin* Welllllll and I do enjoy adding furniture to my neohome and adding plants to my gardens.

I reckon that's enough about me and mine! Hope to see ya around!

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