What are the names of your other alter egos? (accounts)--lordvaele

Which is your primary account? and what do you use the rest for?--lordvaele is primary(except when I am here)

Where do you live?--Canada Eh?

How many children do you have? 3

Are they boys or girls? and how old are they?--3 boys ages 6-8-16

Who is your significant other?--bewhy2 aka too many to name here.

What is your favourite game?--Dungeons and dragons

What is your favourite on-line game?--neopets

Do you collect anything?--books,not just as cuz but in reality too.

What are your hobbies?--kids,books,art(painting,drawing,etching,etc,etc)

Do you have a personal webpage and what is the URL? --nope

Do you have online messaging? What kind and what name?yes.Icq and id is lordvaele2001

What is your favourite website (other then Neopets) ?

Anything else you would like to tell us about Neo Stuff--I love Battledome and probably know more than anyone else except the person who wrote the subprogram

How long have you been playing?--couple years...not long enough

What is your favourite thing about Neopia?---Battledome

How did you learn about Neopets?---from Ladyvaele

What is your favourite Neopet game?---right now? ahhhh....ummmmmm....sewage surfer

What is your favourite world?---one that includes me bonny wee bairns and milady love

Do you collect anything and if so what?--books and kids.Love em both

Anything else you would like to tell us about---ye have only to ask

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