Swirly!Ok, You wanna add on my site? Well I need the following:

You can put a size 55x100 banner here for 2 contributions to The Mushroom.
You can put a size 200x200 banner here for 10 contributions to the Mushroom.
Now the contributions can be any of the following:

1. Banners (any size) = 1-3 Contributions or c's
Size: 55x100= 1c, 100x100= 2c's, 200x200= 3c's

2. You can draw The Mushtoom Palace Mascot! (coming soon) 3-4 c's this depends on how good the drawing is.

3. You can Join and that gives you 2c's (coming soon)

4. You could create a mascot for The Mushroom this will also depend on the quality of the drawing 3c's

5. I am running out of ideas!!! So e-mail me ideas and you can get 1c. (limit=5 ideas)

My e-mail is:
[email protected]
Thank you for your support!
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