Name: Amber

Age: 29

B-Day: Sept

Sex: Female

From: California

Live: Colorado

My Love: James (32) (Oct)

Upcoming Events: 10 year Anniversary (Dec '07)..."Happy Anniversary Baby!!! I LOVE YOU!!!"
I'm an Auntie again! Crystal had a baby girl on Jan. 1st, 2007 ~ Gianna...
My Nephew Patrick's 9th Birthday (July '08)
Happy 8th Birthday Vivian (April '08) - (James' Niece)

Hobbies: Computer Graphic art, Beading, Jewelry, Origami, Knitting, Dreamcatchers,
Ribbon Flowers...& lots more.

New Artistic Talents: Knitting, Crochet, Tatting, Cross-Stitching, Ribbon Flower making, Drawing,
Painting, Dreamcatcher making, Graphic Art, Photography,
Website making & (soon to come ~Quilting~)

Fav colors: all Blues, most purples, some greens, reds, & silver

Fav foods: Seafood, Mexican Food, Pizza, Sushi, Cinnamon French Toast,
Artichokes & Sub-Sandwiches

Fav movies: What Dreams May Come, The Matrix(1,2&3), Usual Suspects,
Thomas Crown Affair, Dangerous Beauty, Moll Flanders, Star Gate,
Scorpion King, The Mummy(1&2), Lord of the Rings(1,2&3),
All Harry Potter Movies, Fifth Element, Emma & All other Jane Austen Movies,
Day After Tomarrow, Bridget Jones's Diary (1&2), Aeon Flux, Narnia,
War of the Worlds, Highlander, Queen of the Damned, Jane Eyre,
UnderWorld, WaterWorld, Blade (1,2,3), Hidalgo.... & many more....

Fav. Tv Shows: La Femme Nikita, Reapers, Dr. Who, Meerkat Manor,
DarkAngel, Bionic Woman, Heroes, Boston Legal, Pushing Up Daises,
Battlestar Galatica, SG-1, SG-A, Rome, Pain Killer Jane, Ghost Hunters,
Eureka, 4400, ER, Dead Like Me, Hell's Kitchen,
Project Runway, Blade, Viva La Bam... & more...

Fav. Tv Channels: Animal Planet, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, Starz, Encore, Discovery, FX,
AMC, TCM, Bravo, History, Comedy Central, Oxygen, Lifetime, A&E, TNT,
Sci-Fi, TBS, Food Network, HGTV, USA Network, HBO, FOX, FOXNEWS, CNN, E!,
VH1, MTV...
few others...

Occupation: Currently a Homemaker, Knitter, Crocheter, Dream catcher maker,
Ribbon flower maker, Soon to be Quilter, Self-taught Computer person,
Self-taught graphix artist & Web-designer...

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