THE WAR!!!!!!

Nate sits in the room of destruction on his thrown, surrounded by anime plushies. Today is the day he will declare himself king of the land.

Nate: My subjects, there comes a time in every leaders life where they must fight what is right to call themselves, King�and or Queen pending on the situation

Plushies: �

King Nate: Yes that is right, I am going to overthrow the current lead whoever it is, and take over

Plushies: �

King Nate: Stop your cheering; the real war is about to begin�

Mistress Darklight sits in the dark room�of pink balloons and kittens, waiting for her guest to arrive.

Nate: HIIIIIIIII NICOLE---*faces turns pale* kitties and pink balloons...o.O.

Darklight: It�s Darklight, and well�heh�only room left, so shut up. Now tell me, what is your business�

Nate: I need your help overthrowing the current leader, so will you do it? Free candy.

Darklight: hmm�free candy*ponders the deal*�NO YOU IDIOT I AM THE CURRENT LEADER!

Nate: you are?

Darklight: uh duh, didn�t you see the signs?

Nate: nope�so anyway, will you help?

Darklight: NO!

Nate: Then I must declare war

Darklight: Fine, go ahead*turns away*

Nate: FINE! *Walks out, *

Nate: No good Nicole, I�ll show her�MINIONS

Plushies: �

Nate: We attack at midnight.

Plushies: �


Darklight: Nephlite!!!

Nephlite: yes my queen*kneels*

Darklight: Fetch the others, we must prepare for war.

Nephlite: Right away my queen*runs off*

Darklight: �what are you staring at?

Kitty and pink balloon wall paper: �


Nate: ATTACK!!!!!

Plushies: �

Nate begins throwing plushies at the on coming army in a battle that will decide his future�

Ann: AAAAAAHHHHHH I�M HIT! *Falls to the ground*

Ail: I�m hit�*sits on the ground and reads*


Plushies: �

Nephlite: My queen, we cannot keep fighting them like this, we are losing many men.

Darklight: okay�

Nate sits on a bench eating potato chips watching his plushies fall to the ground as Darklight�s troops trip over them and die. When Queen Darklight soon joins him.

Nate: hey�

Darklight: hey�

Nate: Potato chip? *Offers the bag*

Darklight: nah�

Nate: Sorry bout this�

Darklight: its okay, we need some bloodshed

Nate: So, wanna go catch a movie or something.

Darklight: Nah lets just go rent some anime.

Nate: Cool, Have you seen Princess Mononoke?

Darklight: yep...

And so the two walked off trying to think of what movie to watch as more and more died in the war that wouldn�t end.

Darklight: Seen Vampire Hunter D?

Nate: Yep, it ruled.

Darklight: lets watch it again�

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