Nate: Where is she.....dang it I am not suspose to do interviews...
VesVes: I am sure you will do fine.
ParaPara: Yeah, and if all else fails, We can just do it some other time.
JunJun: No, this is the third attempt at this interview and its ticking me off.
Singing Telegram-man: Telegram for Mr Natechan, Telegram for Mr Nate--
Nate: Shut up and give it to me
STMan: -ahem- Sorr-y to sccreewww ya over, got a date with a hunk, hope ya dont  mind, its not a crime, see ya later, signed nicole. dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah AH
CereCere: STUPID SINGING--beat the guy with her poolstick--
Nate: um..
VesVes: Will all help--quartet beats the man to a pulp with their poolsticks--
Nate: Ladies, I dont have time for this, lets start the interview....SIT NOW.
Quartet: --quickly get into their seats--
Nate: I'm doing you all at the same---
Quartet: EWWWWWWW!
Nate: ...-_-...anyway, Ladies, Which do you prefer, Anime or Manga?
Para: I liked them both, they had this jennysaysquall to them.
Jun: dork, thats not how you say it.
Para: It is too--cries and clings to Nate--
Nate: I can live with it.
Ves: I must declare that I rather enjoyed being a villian in the anime--
Cere: and we didnt hafta look after the midget.
Quartet: YEAH!
Nate: Speaking of which, How do you tru--
Cere: NEXT
Nate: b-but..
Nate: right, Okay, Now in the show their was kinda a constant boring talk about...."girl power"
Jun: We did that cuz girls are better then guys.
Cere: But Moonie made it sound like....ya
Nate: ...she does that alot. So, Why did you switch the crystal with a pinapple of all things.
Para: it was the only thing we could find that rhymed with snapple.
Ves: Actually we did it for symbolic purposes...
Jun: and yet no one has figured out what it means
Para: I have, See the pinapple
Cere: NEXT
Nate: Now, compared to the Generals of the Negaverse,,  Galaxia's animates,the trio and all the other minions, Do you think you are the best?
Cere: First off, we arent minions! We are Circus freaks.
Ves: Well to answer you question, We are better then the Animates and Generals and the trio, because we didnt die, also like the royalty of Nemesis...
Nate: But the Trio came back...
Jun: ...but...We never saw them and stuff.
Para: We are better then the sisters of nemesis cuz we didnt try to kill ourselves.
Ceres: or each other.
Nate: but you became good!
Jun: Yeah, but who didnt....dumb show...
Rini Darklight: -giggles-- I am back!
Nate: --glares-- How was your 'date'
Quartet: --whispering--
Rini D: Great, First we--
Cere: We'd love to sit and be driven to insanity, but we and our date hafta go
Para: Yeah!!!!
Nate: Date?
Jun: Damn straight.
Quartet: --leaves dragging Nate--
Rini D: huh...
Interview with The Amazoness Quartet
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