Nate: do doo do do doo do do do doo do do do do do.
Nicole: �.oh god...not this�
Nate: Neisan productions along with Neisan�s technologies and Neisan�s lack of sanity     presents:
Nicole: ..*reads from a script* a negasis home video, we have movies now?
Nate: nope but I have a good imaginer-thingy, Anyway� blah blah blah PRESENTS�.

-insert dramatic space music-

Neisan, king of evil and insanity: I have finally found you, princess.
Mistress Darklight, the queen of darkness and bunny-rabbits: �bunny-rabbits?
Neisan: YES�now, That I have found Sailor Moon and the other princesses I, Neisan-dramatic music and pose- SHALL RULE NOTHING�.-_-�anyway, Arf Arf Arf,-does a back flip-
Arf1: Yes my lord
Arf2: Yes my king
Arf3: what do you want now?
Rini D.: Arfs?
Arf1: Yes my lady
Arf2: Yes my queen
Arf3: What do ya want?
Rini D.: let me guess evil minions?
--Arfs nod�
Rini D.: I am going to work on my world, call me when the sedatives kick in. �walks off�more of a float but ya know�
Neisan: Arfs, We must kill the Sailor Scouts and collect goodness from humans.
Arf1: Of course.
Arf2: Certainly.
Arf3: but why.
Neisan: Simple, this is a Neisan Product, written by Neisan, produced by Neisan, and directed by Neisan. And I am trying to act like the sailor moon show�of which I don�t own o.o�. yet.
Arf3: but what is the point.
Neisan: SILENCE FOOL, Now you three listen to me, I will turn you into Sailor Scouts and you will defeat them.
Arf1: I will make you proud.
Arf2: As will I.
Arf3: WHAT!!!! Three versus�um five sailor scouts, and that doesn�t even mention the outers, starlights, the tuxedo guy, then pink hair brat and who knows who else.
Neisan: �.you can do it�. o.o()�--turns the 3 into�
Sailor Mashed Potato: In the name of the almighty potato, I shall destroy them.
Sailor Stuffing: I Shall beat the stuffing out of them �laughs at stupid joke�
Sailor Gravy: o.o?�I go good on everything?
Neisan: ATTACK!!!!

And so the evil minions of Neisan's favorite meal leap into the darkness to destroy the unexpecting sailor scouts. To be continued in part 2 coming in a few minutes. DUH DUH DUHNNNN
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