Combining elegance and insanity in a pool of pink bunnies and decapitated gnomes. Have a question for Neffers, email Rini D at [email protected]
Lil Timmy asks: Neffers, Why do the people here call you insane?

Neffers: Oh dear, I am not insane*eats the childs instestants* I am merely better then them, and they cant accept that.
Dr. Susan asks: So tell me Miss Neffers, what's your favorite crayon

Neffers: Oh, I love all the crayons, except Red, Green, Orange, Blue, PINK PINK PINK KILL KILL PINK ARGHHHH

Mr. T. Parker: Neherenia, What's it like being a kid again.

Neffers: Call me Neffers and it was great, turned me into a spoiled brat all over again..

Mr T. Parker: cool, Neherenia

Neffers: DANG IT A SAID NEFFERS*grabs a broken mirror peice and chases Parker around* AHH AH AH AH AH
Fran the Man: Ya know in the comic you are the old snail thing?

Neffers: *cries* I know...its so sad for me...I look so beautiful as a child and young adult..then ugly hits......I NEED MY THERPIST OR ANOTHER MONKEY DIES.
Jo-Jo -..Why do the flowers have faces?

Neffers: oh I do love to see the fear in things, don't you? *eats the flowers*  CLICK HERE!
Billy Bob Binglesworth-If the Pink Thing wasn't Pink, would you still hate her?

Neffers: no no...if she was purple I would love my koolaid..

Flying Pig-Who do you think would be the most huggable teddy bear if you could choose any Senshi and turn them into a stuffed bear?

Neffers: Probably that Venus girl...she was lovable.....but oh my, who am I kidding, I HATE TEDDYBEARS, I LIKE MIRRORS*puts you in a mirror*

Molly Moo-Would you ever enter a bathing suit contest?

Neffers: I did that once....I was disqualifed for wearing I killed them all ^_^  I won.. *holds up a bloody ribbon*

Eddie-Paper or Plastic?

Neffers:  neither, I have my slaveboy, Irvine, do all my shopping.. he uses plastic.

Fancy-wancy Nancy -What was your fave subject in school?

Neffers: My favorite subject would have to be home ec. I sew my dresses, and *holds up some cookies that look like sailor scouts only with bloody frosting* Want?

Irvine: Why do you call me slaveboy...

Neffers: Cause it is better then slave girl, silly lil man
Dear Neffers,
I really think that you have some anger management
issues with my fav color, pink! why? Please do not
hate, or front you know you LOOOOOOVVVVE pink!
Bob Hadababyitsaboy

**In scribbled
PINK crayon**
Dear Bob,
You s
aw what happened to Dr Susan ^_^.. Pink is the color of satan himself!! **impails you on a giant pink crayon and runs off laughing**
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