Rini Darklight: irrishame to negasis tokyo Rubious-kun...how are you?
Rubious: I'm doing good Mrs. Darklight, and yourself?
Rini Darklight: tired..between trying to move the site and listening to nate chan freak about about our latest review--is hit with a turtle that fell from the heavens--..anyways...Who was your fave out of the Sisters?
Rubious: Hmm... I'd have to say Petz
Rini Darklight: whys that, I always thought she was the stupidest
Rubious: I agree, but she had the most entertaining name, besides... Ignorance is ammusing don't you agree?
Rini Darklight: yes..very,  Did wiseman ever freak you out?
Rubious: Yes, sometimes he did. Always asked odd questions when he was drunk.
Rini Darklight: lol..he can get drunk?
Rubious: You mean to tell me you didn't hear about those nights he'd go out and get totaly wasted?
Rini Darklight: no, i havent been keeping up to date with my old home..
Rubious: Ah, well he did. And the questions sometimes wierded me out i guess you could say.
Rini Darklight: Why don't you wear the damned jacket?
Rubious: Well, too tell you the truth... Its polyester and that makes my skin sweat!
Rini Darklight: lol
Rubious: But still! I look better with it off! Trust me
Rini Darklight: Did you ever want to be leader of the Nemesis Kingdom?
Rubious: Well, it wasn't what I really wanted to be *uneasy look* but I would have settled for it. I guess
Rini Darklight: ah..well..i couldnt say whats so wrong with being royalty, seeing as i am.  Why are you such a jack@$$ to every female you run into?
Rubious: *Innocent smile* I'm actually not really sure, I guess its because females never satisfy me.
Rini Darklight: ..oh? are you saying you swing Fiore's way?
Rubious: I never said that....heh...
Rini Darklight: What would you say if I said you were really ugly compaired to say..Dimando or my hubby?
Rubious: Me ugly compaired to those two.. trolls! I'd say you have absolutly no taste!
Rini Darklight: ...my hubby is very handsome ok..
Rubious: *mutters "he's nothing compaired to my looks*
Rini Darklight: LMAO!! theres a lie..
Rubious: Shut Up! next question!
Rini Darklight: How would you feel if we gave you a make over?
Rubious: What kind of... Makeover?
Rini Darklight: ...*pulls out her black make up and dresses*
Rubious: I'll have you know you will not be turning me into some 'drag' queen!
Rini Darklight: ..oh? ya know....I really hate Esmeraud, but I really was thankful she let you die. If youwould of
survived, what would you of done?
Rubious: Killed the lot of you, especially you for saying i'm ugly!
Rini Darklight: lol
Rubious: Oh you find that funny then?
Rini Darklight: yes very. Would you like to meet the mascots?
Rubious: The mascots?
Rini Darklight: yes..the mascots...*points to a locked steel door that has the sounds of blood curdling screams and pounding going on behind it*
Rubious: *nervous laughter* n-no thats alright
Rini Darklight: ..good..then you shall agree with me ..now...*pulls out blood red lipstick*...whats your fave shade?
Rubious: Er, any.. red is fine
Rini Darklight: ....good..*sits on Rubious' lap pinning him down and dumps make up all over his face*
Rubious: -coughs and gags*
Rini Darklight: ..soo pretty...^_^..now..stand up..*jumps off you*
Rubious: wreteched -stands up-
Rini Darklight: whos wretched? *pulls out a remote that can open the mascots door*
Rubious: Er Myself for not letting you do this sonner!
Rini Darklight: good answer... *pulls out her tightest black dress and puts it on you*
Rubious: *growls* is this damndable interview over!?
Rini Darklight: ...maybe...*smiles evily *snaps her fingers and now Rubious bound in tight rope, and a crane hook comes down, picks him up and lowers you into a hole in the mascot's pens roof*
Rubious: Why me?
Rini Darklight: because we love all the badies here at Negasis
Rubious: Then why are you doing this to me?
Rini Darklight: because you suck..now..hope you have fun in there...*the hook drops him into the pen*
Rubious: oh lord... you wretched whore! -Rubious Screams bloody murder and pounds on the door to be let out-
Rini Darklight: bye bye rubious kun..*turns to the camera*..bye everyone!
Rubious: Evil Wench!!!!! *screams die down*
Interview with Ruby
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