Skitzo Kitty aka Tin Nyanko Interview
Neisan: HI!
Nyanko: Um...Heh, Who are you, I was told that Miss Darklight would give me this damn thing.
Neisan: Yes, but she decided to talk with Cricket man without me, so I have kidnaped you, Skitzo Kitty, and will be doing the interview
Ny: That would explain the dark truck...DAMN PIECE OF OLD DOG DROPPINGS I'LL KILL YOU!
Neisan: This is gonna be fun, okay, first some of Darklight's Questions. How do you feel about people calling you Miss Skitzo Kitty?
Ny: Well, it is impolite and...SHUT UP WHITE BUTT!!!-glares at Neisan-- LISTEN HERE, NO ONE CALLS ME SKITZO KITTY....Um, he said Miss Skitzo Kitty...AWE SHUT UP
Neisan: ^_^ This is fun, isnt Neffers.
Neffers: YES! SHARP TURN--drives into a hospital--
Ny: Who is driving this....
Neisan: My friend and fellow mascot of Negasis, Neffers.


Guard: Um, Mistress Darklight, we found them, they have just left the ice cream parlor, and crashed through a hospital
RD: Dont just sit there, GET THEM!
Guard: Right away--leaves--
RD: ..or we are all doomed...DOOMED I TELL YOU, DOOMED! o.o...
Ny: LET ME OUT OF THIS DAMN HELL HOLE! You really shouldnt cuss, what if children can hear, THEN THEY SHOULD STICK IT IN THEIR DAMN EARS....that really isnt needed.
Neisan: Okay--reads notecard-- Why did you fight with Lead Crow so much.
Ny: fighting is bad, I am sorry that I, for god sake shut up you idiot, I did it cuz I dont like her, I killed her, that settled-- How could we, we killed her, oh that is aweful, I must go apologize. No WE WILL NOT!
Neisan: How do you feel about your mistress, Galaxia?
Ny: NO GOOD WHORE, I'll KILL HER TOO!...killing is wrong, I shouldn't what the hell.
Neffers: Oh dear, it appears that we are going the wrong way--sharp turn--
--Cops in other car--- AAAHHHHH
RD: He better be asking me questions--looks out her 303 story office window as a big black truck with "Kidnaping Truck" written passes it--- Oh god....
Neisan: na na na na na na na
Neffers: hey hey
Neisan: na na na na na na na
Ny: shut up shut up shut up, please do.
Neisan: Next! Did you ever want to claw Galaxia's eyes out?
Ny: No, I didnt....I MEAN WHO WOULD TOUCH THAT NASTY THING, BUT I DID CLAW UP HER THRONE! and I am very sorry, NOT, yes, no, yes no yesnoyesnoyesnoyesno-catfight--
Neisan: o.o
Neffers: Time to land!
Neisan: I didnt think we could fly...
Neffers: LAKE!
Neisan: Oh, and what is your what kinda question is that?
Ny: Someone like Darien, only with out the heroic jesters, and I think it is a good one, if you are a sexcraved leader of some dumbass town, which isnt true, is.
Neisan: okay, enough of her questions, MY TURN! First, um...Whats your favorite color.
Ny: Bla-hite.......Whick....WhiteBLACK
Neisan: I love this ^_^
Neffers: Oh wait, its a parkinglot not a lake.
Neisan: Huh? last question, Are you mad at Sailor Moon for half healing you--puts on his parachute and jumps out of the falling truck--
Neffers: Yeah, are you--follows Neisan--
Ny: not at all, I am glad she did, YES YES YES YES YES, because now I can remember my old life, YES YES YES YES  DUMB WHORE SHUT UP, but I do think that if you do something, you should do it completely----BBOOOOOOMMMMMMMM-----
Neisan: --looks at the burning remains of the truck below-- I hope Darklight doesnt mind...I only had one parachute
Neffer: WEEEEEE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA--falls past and into a mirror--
Neisan: And so the day is saved thanks to---
RD: NATE CHAN!!!!!!!
Neisan: EEP!!!! Hi Nicole
RD: what the--watches as Neisan is wisked away riding magic pink flying elephants--- ....How does he do that.
Ny: --cough, gets out of the truck covered in ash-- This was so not in my contract, Yeah, lets kill them, oh no we cant, yes we can, no we cant, YES, NO, YES, NO IF YOU WOULD LET ME FINISH, I AM TELLING YOU WE MUST TORTURE FIRST, ....hey good idea
Rd: You! Wait, I need to finish the---
Ny: Listen Bitch, I have had enough of this shit, ME FREAKIN TOO, and---What is that?
Neisan: NO ONE CALLS MY DARKLIGHT A BITCH--flies the pink elephants over Nyanko at let them take care of business--ewww
RD: ...eww--steps back...

Narrator: and so, our heros, Rini Darklight and Nate Chan flying into the sunset on thier flying pink elepants---
Narrator: Right, flying pink popcorn and live happily ever after, or else.
RD: o.o what kind of interview was that
Neisan: One empowered by Frosted Flakes and sticking quarters in my nose
RD: o.o....kay.
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