Double O Moonie

�Good Morning double O moonie�
�Eh, morning Sir�
A picture of a young woman appears on the screen of the dark room. Her pink hair tied into a tight bun with black chopsticks in it seemed out of place with her red eyes and black lipstick. �This is Natalie Darklore, Lady of the city of Negasis.�
�She looks familiar� Agent Moonie said to her boss.
�She isn�t.�
�Recently, Lady Darklore was kidnapped from her mansion,�
�Sir, What does this have to��
�Moonie,� Her boss, Luna, replied. �I give you missions, you follow.�
�She holds with her secrets that can manipulate the world itself, You must find her, and retrieve the secrets!�
�Leave it to me!� 00Moonie says standing up �For I am�� She then begins to perform dramatic poses. �DOUBLE O MO---AHHH!� her words interrupted by her falling flat on her face.
�I�ll send for help, Meet Agent 4 and 666.
�Hello� Mina says happily, �Whatcha doing down there?�
�Oh�heh, hi�� Moonie says getting up. �I was�um, expecting the floor for bugs.�
�Good Answer� 666 said smartly as he walked over to the picture of Lady Darklore.
�Ew BUGS!!!!� Mina shouted and leaped onto the table. Luna growled at this, �Oh grow up and get off my desk. SERVANT BOY GET HER OFF!�
�Yes master� Artie said running in with a mallet.
�We�ll be going now�.�
======Fade Away=======

-song begins�

MOOONNNN GIRRLLLL, YOUR Fighting evil like never be-fooreee �scenes of outlines of women running from guys shooting at her--- MOOOONNNN GIIIRRRLLL, EVERYONE THINKS YOU�RE A �..�scenes of outlined girl going down an alley with a guy--- YES YOU FIGHT FOR RIGHT WITH YOUR TEAM OF GOOD BECAUSE YOU AREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE�.*pants* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE DOUBLE O!!! MOOOOONNIEEEEEEE�scene of outlined girl posing dramatically and then tripping--- duh DUNH

The scene opens at what looks to be a giant warehouse with random explosions, and stuff
�Hello Agent Moonie�
�Oh for the love of Mercury, Serena, get your lines straight, I am going to show you some gadgets.�
�What do we get� Mina say happily skipping around the room.
�I hope your not gonna trust them with any thing a 2 year old cant handle� says 666
�hmm�maybe you are right�I do have some teething rings�maybe those?� Ami say looking threw her cabinet.
�HEY� Mina and Serena shout after they stop admiring they sparkly floor.
��Okay, here� Ami speaks nervously handing them all a pen.
�OOO� Mina and Moonie awe in unison.
�What�s it do�
�Well, 666, yours explodes�theirs are used to write�or scribble.� Ami smiles moving on to the next gadget, napkin.
�Why would we need a napkin? 666 ponders.
�Have you seen them eat?�
�Oh yeah�.and mine?�
�Yours can be used as a teleportation device.�

The peaceful ocean is ruined by an oil spill and jet skiers
�HOW DID WE GET OUT HERE, AND WHO ARE YOU?� Moonie shouts at the driver of the boat
�I AM AGENT JUPITER, Call me Lita, WE ARE OUT HERE BECAUSE�HOLD ON.� Lita sets the volume of the speakers on low� Because the writer skipped some scenes, and what scenes they were�.
�What happened to Mina and 666?�
�I don�t know, must have been something in the missing scenes� Lita says dodging bullets.
�And the boat, oil, and guns?�
�Action movies need action.�
�Okay?� Moonie says throwing her pen at the boat chasing them, hitting the driver in the eye.
�MY EYE!� shouts Extra #4, he falls off the boat and it drives into the flaming oil, blowing up.
�When did the oil become flaming?�
�When the writer was eating sugar.�

�666 How could you!?� Mina shouts while being tied to a chair by two grunts.
�Simple, I am always on Nicole---um---Natalie�s side, and please call me Neisan.�
�SILENCE!� The lovely secretary slaps Mina, shutting her up.
�Good Job Miss Rei, I am glad to have hired you.�
�HAH, NOT SO FAST� Rei says, aiming her gun at Neisan and grabbing a convently located brief case of money. �Fool, with this I can��
�I don�t care, people do this all the time, TIE HER UP.� Neisan says walking off to see the leader
�Huh!?� Rei questions while being tied to a chair that appeared from no where.
�Great going genius.�
�I cant belive you let us get caught.� Ami says angrily.
�What are you doing here?�
�Shut up the three of yas.� Tuxedo Mask, aka grunt #1 says, �Hey Fiore, Do you like my grunt voice?�
�Oh it was so like totally beautiful, you should talk like that more often� Fiore responds stroking his chest.�
��uh�kay?� Tuxedo says nervously backing away from Fiore.

�HA! I GOT YOU NOW DARKLORE!� Moonie shouts.
�Never! I will destroy us all!� Darklore presses the button and the movie ends.

Meanwhile�in the movie theater�
Darklight: that was�.um�kinda�anticlimactic?
Neisan: It would have been better, but the editors cut everthing up.
Darklight: Cant you just add more scenes�.
Neisan: I could..
Darklight: and maybe develop a plot and stop skipping�and.
Neisan: nag nag nag, how bout if I give Darklore a assistant, ail.
Darklight: I�m sold.
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