Ditto734: *has the stage set up nicely with a visuall effects behind it and the room is filled with villians* ^-^
Rini Darklight: *walks into the club dressed in her biggest jeans and tiniest tight shirt with all her black make up on*
Ditto734: *stands behind the bar making drinks*
Rini Darklight: ...neffers here?..and or Dimondo?
Ditto734: yep.
Rini Darklight: dont let them drink too much
Ditto734: *does some fancy mixing tricks*
Rini Darklight: i dont need them all driving off cliffs or into them
Ditto734: awe....
Ditto734: I really wanted to show them my skills, and its not like that don't do it when they aren't drunk.
Rini Darklight: ...true..
Rini Darklight: so..whos up first?
Ditto734: You are the hostess, why don't you pick.
Rini Darklight: ...send up Mistress Galixia
Galaxia: *gets on stage looking incrediably awkward* Must I do this.?
Rini Darklight: now lil girl
Ditto734: ....
Ditto734: *looks through the available songs* um...heh..
Rini Darklight: *sits on the bar watching*....make me a double dark and stormy...
Ditto734: Double Dark and Stormy coming up*Does more tricks and the drink lands on your head* oops....
Rini Darklight: ..-_-...my hair
Ditto734: sorry..
Rini Darklight: i'll show you how...
*Galaxia's music comes on*
Galixia: oh boy I don't think I can do this...
*Smash Mouth's I can't get enough of you baby comes on*
Rini Darklight: *jumps behind the bar, grabs to bottles of tequilla , tosses the bottles in the air, grabs out a tall glass, catches the bottles and makes her and nate chan a drink*...
Ditto734: o.o Nicole I dont think this was a good idea*watchs galaxia doing a sexy show on stage like a britney spears whore or something*
Rini Darklight: ...o.o...you stop her...
*Galaxia sits on Diamond's lap singing*
Ditto734: OKAY SONG OVER YOU FAILED*blasts Galaxia into vapor with a laser*
Ditto734: who is next nicole?
Rini Darklight: ...um...you pick
Rini Darklight: *drinks her dark and stormy in one quick gulp*
Ditto734: o.o
Ditto734: *plays its all about the pentiums by Wierd Al and sticks Mimmette on the stage
Ditto734: *music plays*
Rini Darklight: lol
Ditto734: What the kinda hell music is this?
Ditto734: I aint singing this
Rini Darklight: i got my song
Ditto734: -.- DAMN IT I SAID I AM NOT WHAT THE HELL*watching a bunch of women in computer suits dancing dirty* o.o
Mimmette: OH GOD EWWWWWWWWWWWW*whines* I dont wanna sing...
*all the villians dance cept Mimmette*
Rini Darklight: i thought we killed her
Ditto734: Remember, clones, see watch*fries her with the laser and a guy comes by sweeping her up
Ditto734: So who is next?
Rini Darklight: ...you go up
Ditto734: me?
Ditto734: COOL!*
Ditto734: *leaps onto the stage
Rini Darklight: ...go nate chan!
Ditto734: *selects a random song*
Ditto734: *what's my age plays*
Ditto734: *is about to sing...then pulls out a bunch of radioactive mutant dogs to sing for him while he just sits smiling on stage*
Rini Darklight: ...oh my god..-_-
Ditto734: ^_^  Done!
Rini Darklight: Nate Chan...your score for this is 0
Ditto734: *goes off and puts Fiore on who begins singing Faded the "I'm gonna take off all your clothes song while pictures of Darien play behind him*
Rini Darklight: STOP HIM
Ditto734: o.o?
Ditto734: I think he is pretty good.
Rini Darklight: ...as long as he doesnt strip
Ditto734: too late*catchs the bodysuit and puts it behind the bar* o.o
Rini Darklight: ....O_O
Ditto734: ...Wow...big flower...
Rini Darklight: ..~_~ hes done
Ditto734: uh huh...
Rini Darklight: ~_~ whos next
Ditto734: *Fiore implodes* uh....
Ditto734: *looks at the list* oh god.
Rini Darklight: ...
Ditto734: heh...*the quartet get on stage in well.....they are singing lady marmalade...
Ditto734: gee wore clothes and everything...
Rini Darklight: ..for once
Ditto734: ^_^*blows them up* NEXT*diamond gets on and Blue plays...((dum dee da))
Rini Darklight: lol
Ditto734: o.o does this have any words beside the begining?
Ditto734: *diamond dances jumpy like with a dumb smile*
Rini Darklight: im blue..i have a blue house with a blue window..
Ditto734: uh...
Rini Darklight: blue is the color of often i wear..
Ditto734: o.o right....
Rini Darklight: NEXT
Ditto734: *blue lights flash around the dance floor and stage*
Ditto734: o.o*blasts him* okay see next is..
Rini Darklight: ive noticed we have blasted almost every villian
Ditto734: all but me.
Rini Darklight: ...
Ditto734: ^_^ easy win ^_^
Rini Darklight: im going up there
Rini Darklight: and i'll win
Ditto734: *points to the gaint wrapped box on the side stage* Thats First Prize,
Ditto734: *points to a little box* Thats second.
Rini Darklight: *chugs back another drink and climbs on stage*
Ditto734: o.o *sits down and waits*
Rini Darklight: i am doing brain Stew..
Ditto734: o.o....
Ditto734: *crowd get quiet*
Rini Darklight: *puts on a head set mike and cranks the speaker system to max*
Ditto734: ...oh crap..
Rini Darklight: *hits play, the music starts  up*
I'm having trouble trying to sleep
I'm counting sheep but running out
As time ticks by
And still I try
No rest for crosstops in my mind
On my own... here we go
My eyes feel like they're gonna bleed
Dried up and bulging out my skull
My mouth is dry
My face is numb
Fucked up and spun out in my room
On my own... here we go
Ditto734: ....boooooo
Rini Darklight: ..-_-...*sets your hair on fire*
Ditto734: *puts his hair out*
Rini Darklight: now your bald
Ditto734: *puts miracle grow on his head and his hair grows back*
Rini Darklight: i win
Rini Darklight: my song was da best
Ditto734: NOT SO FAST.
Ditto734: *gets back on stage* its my turn now.
Rini Darklight: I WIN
Ditto734: NO ITS MY TURN
Rini Darklight: -_-..*takes the grand prize*..mine
Ditto734: NOT YET*some guy gets on stage* Ha-HA! Well Now we call this the act of mating but there are several other very important differences between human beings and animals that you should know about
Rini Darklight: ...oh god
Ditto734: *whispers* I'd appreciate your input
Rini Darklight: ...~_~
Ditto734: *smokes maching fogs up the room as the lights run around and then focus on him*....*ripes off his shirt* sweat baby sweat baby sex is a texas drought. Me and you do the kind of stuff that only prince would sing about so put your hands down my pants and I'll bet you'll feel nuts, *Dances around thrusts his hips about*
Rini Darklight: ~_~
Ditto734: Yes I'm Siskel yes I'm Ebery and you're getting two thumbs up*licks his finger and rubs his nipple*  You've had enough of two hand touch, you want it rough you're out of bounds I want you smothered want you covered like my waffle house hashbrowns
Rini Darklight: OK! your done...*hides her face on Ail's shoulder*
Ditto734: *turns around so everyone can check out his butt and turns his face, with a sexy smile, not yet!
Ditto734: *bunch of random sailor moon villian men get on stage singing, all shirtless and looking dirty sexy* Do it now You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals so lets do it like they do on the Discovery Channel, Do it again now You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals so lets do it like they do on the Discovery Channel*shuffles about all of the guys posing*
Rini Darklight: DONE!!
Ditto734: *pulls you on a stage and dances about rubbing his hands along your thighs* Love, the kind clean up with a mop and buncket like the lost catacombs of Egypt only god knows where westuick it. Hieroglyphics let me be Pacific I wanna be down in your south seas but I got this notion that the motion of your ocean mean small craft advisory so if I capsize on your thighs  high tide B-5 youn sunk my battleshipe*spins you around and pulls you close and is dancing like the movie Dity Dancing for good measurement* Please turn me on I'm Mister Coffee with an automatic drip so show me yours I'll show you mine Tool Time you'll Lovett just like Lyle And then we'll do ti doggy style sowe can both wathc X-files
Ditto734: *gets off stage while the guys finish it up* ^_^ I win.
Rini Darklight: ...*drops on the ground* O_O
Ditto734: ^_^
Rini Darklight: ..I...*hands nate chan the prize*....I...*passes out*
Ditto734: ^_^ YEYYYY*turns into his chibi form and unwraps the gaint box with...A GAINT COOKIE INSIDE* NUMMY NUMS!!!!*eats it happily*
Rini Darklight: *lays on stage*
Ditto734: Nicole*puts the small box for 2nd place on your chest and dumps some water on your face
Rini Darklight: -_-..*hugs her box*...
Ditto734: OPEN IT
Ditto734: I am the one that bought the prizes*
Rini Darklight: ...*sighs and opens it holding it good and far from her face*
Ditto734: Its a key ^_^
Ditto734: With a key chain ^_^
Rini Darklight: ..key
Ditto734: OH yeah*points outside while eating his cookie in his chibi form* go get.
Rini Darklight: ...whats the key for
Ditto734: ^_^ The car silly.
Rini Darklight: ..car?
Ditto734: *Eats his 60ft cookie* not as good as the cookie but good enough for a second place person like you
Rini Darklight: ..what kinda car
Ditto734: your favoriteeeee
Rini Darklight: ...black...69 charger?
Ditto734: ^_^ Yepp
Rini Darklight: ...*lets out a really high pitched scream*
Ditto734: *hugs his cookie lovingly*
Rini Darklight: *runs out and kisses her car, then jumps in revving the motor*
Ditto734: *puts his cookie in a kidde wheel barrel and follows you*
Ditto734: ..
Rini Darklight: YA HA! *slams the gas, front wheels leaving the ground, and blasts down the street leaving skid marks*
Ditto734: *watchs as cop cars chase you while sucking his thumb dragging his wheel barrel 60ft cookie around
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