[Self Obsession]
My favourite songs at the moment  are -
Strawberry Gashes - Jack Off Jill
When I Am Queen - Jack Off Jill
Yes - Manics
Ocean Spray - Manics
Boys Don't Cry - The Cure
Bloodflowers - The Cure
Bruise Pristine - Placebo
PCP - Manics
You Love Us - Manics
Miss Anne Thrope - My Ruin
Terror - My Ruin
Tainted Love - My Ruin
Violet - Hole
Sleepflower- Manics
Why Did You Let My Kitten Die - Angelica
Blue Monday - Orgy
Heart - Shaped Box - Nirvana
I like....Eyeliner, Pink, Tea, Storms, kitsch,  Plastic, Glow in the dark things, glitter, fairys, art, winter, poetry, playing guitar, Babrie, slogan t-shirts, magazines, recieving/writing letters, stickers, parma violets, Hello Kitty, lava lamps, violet, metal, vinyl, Fraggle Rock, Babycham, stars, false eyelashes, JeSICKa from JOJ, pink feathers, fairy wings, mesh, painting, drawing, Vodka, earings, odd socks, long scarves, Button Moon, Nicky Wire, spraypaint, my little pink barbie book, Richey, tapes, digital cameras, beady bracelets, fairy lights, Tairrie B, making jewelry, books, new rock boots.
Don't like....sexism, homophobia, rockport boots, school uniform, football, sun, coffee, Matt from King Adora, shallowness, fakeness, itchy lip gloss.
Me (left) and Abi
Please Take Me HOME
My name is Laura, I don�t like my name.  I like the names Violet and Tallulah.  I also hate my surname so I�ve decided I don�t actually have one. I�m just Laura or Violet or Tallulah.  My nicknames are lollipop.....for my love of lollipops.... and Slacker Bitch Fag-Hag Whore. I�m called Slacker Bitch because I�m a. always singing the song and b...I'm a slacker bitch.

I live in Preston, in Lancashire, in England, in the UK, in Europe.  I�ve lived here all my life.  It�s boring, but Manchester is pritti close�and I *heart* Manchester.

I�m short. I have hazel eyes. I have black hair that shines purple in the sun and my roots are blonde.  I will soon be dying my hair whitey blonde. I have very very pale skin. I have small feet and small fingers. I�m a grrrrly�.if you�ve not already guessed.

I like to talk a lot, but only when *I* want to talk. If I don�t want to talk, I will listen to you.  I�m very sensitive but I only get upset about something you have said if I value your opinion.  I like to be by myself.  I like to be quiet and I like to be loud. 

I like to and usually wear black pants�every style�I love babydoll, slogan and band tees.  I love my knee high stripy socks and my fishnets.  I like to wear my long black skirt.  I always wear hoodies or jumpers because I�m always really cold�even in summer.  I always wear jewellery, I have a zillion plastic bead bracelet things � which people have given me and I have made.  I love candy necklaces, very cute.  I have a plaid cat collar with a bell on it � I like it better than my dog collar, it�s more delicate.
As for make-up I like to wear lots of eyeliner (liquid on top, pencil on bottom) I wear pink or black eyeshadow or lots of loose glitter. I love my false eye lashes.  I love lip smackers glittery lip balms, they have pritti flavours and colours.

Music rules my life � My favourite bands are
Manic Street Preachers, My Ruin, Jack Off Jill and Hole�I have a bigger list here. Or look at my crappy cd list?

My favourite films are Edward Scissor hands, Tank Girl, The Matrix, The Rocky Horror Show, A Clockwork Orange, Alice In Wonderland, 10 Things I Hate About You and Velvet Goldmine.

I don�t watch TV much but I like The Young Ones, So Graham Norton and The Powerpuff Girls.

I have two best friends, I love them lots and lots...~thankyou for keeping me sane~ � Abi and Becky, I also love Alex and Joey�.and Lauren is a sweetie pie....I think to be a true friend you've got to be loyal...and a hell of a lot of people aren't....and I hate people who have have a 'holier than thou' attitude...
And if you actually read all that....WELL DONE...
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