Things to Avoid

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First we shall start with Women, the perfect creature. In an ideal society maybe but alas these 'creatures' are among the most vicious bloodthirsty things a man will ever encounter. Most of all they are incidious. the old saying "cant live with them, cant live without them" comes to mind. For they are so well adapted to harming you that one can easily make you think you require women to survive. Take heed my dear friend, for they can sense injury. For given you acualy atempt a relationship with one of these terrors it will indeed fail, but then when you are your weakest another will come along. Like a fool no doubt you will acept this one in with open arms as well.

Never believe a word one says either. you will quickly learn they spew one lie after another, each more complex than the last. Most important if one tells you she just 'wants to be friends' or 'isnt ready for a relationship right now', wait a week and ask her how her big transvestite boyfriensd she is hiding from her parents is doing. Dont take this as a joke, I speak from experience.

Under further inspection all the evil destructive women will date you and destroy you. But you find a truely magnificent girl and she will keep you as close as she can but never call it anything more than friends.

Your Own Mind

Worse than any woman can ever be, your mind will leave you but you dont have a choice on when you take it back. Bleive me my dear enemies, you are but a toy for your mind. most destroying is that the formor and your mind will team up and prove to you, you are the most worthless creature to ever waste either of their time.

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