I am Lucia Romano. I am the frountman for Casualties of Atom as well as a part time digital artist, Video Game Programer, and Piercing Artist. I have appeared to be 19 for about 7 years now. As you may have guessed I am male, roughly 5'11" 160lbs and I live in a the middle of nowhere in eastern PA. I wear glasses, favorite band pimping shirts and blue work pants. I have my way to target the masses of those who dont understand me, my hair is of green and red nature in dreaded clumps. Yes, I am a satanist. No, I do not worship satan. Those are lucifarians. We follow the ideals of living by our own carnal desires as long as we cause no harm apon those who do not justly deserve it. Yes, I am a vampire. no, I am not a flighty bat obsesed goth sped. I just derive power from drinking the blood of others. The Prophecy says there will be a second comming. If you acualy want to get in contact with me, I can be found on most often on my ICQ acount (20821479), aim (casualtieofatom), odigo(casualtieofatom) or emailed at [email protected].

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