In Cronological Order
3 Disgruntled Rabbets by Aaron Goss

The ones I stole from Osama Bin Ladin by DemonHunterCole

cheese and pipe bombs by brandon

AK-47s by Grady

Spitting Llama Platoon by Me!

spell of meteor by Adain (He shall be a General!)

Explosive Toiletpaper by A Deliveryboy (He shall be a General!)

Nerve gas containers by Noctiped

2 P-90's by the arms dealer around the corner

kittens by alibaba

Gene Splicer by Lord Darquard

colt.45 by someone

Nuclear Submarine by The Pretty Suited Sailor Soldier of Love and Justice

Giant autonomous annoying invulnerable nuclear-powered robots by David

crime fighting nuclear squirrel squad by raab

Dancing Duck of Death by Elizabeth

Satan's evil bunny, Natas by theatre arts freshman

3 modified Royal Guard mechs by #17

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