~ Truth Seekers ~

There do exist enquiring minds, which long for the truth of the heart, seek it, strive to solve the problems set by life, try to penetrate to the essence of things and phenomena and to penetrate into themselves. If a man reasons and thinks soundly, no matter which path he follows in solving these problems, he must inevitably arrive back at himself, and begin with the solution of the problem of what he is himself and what his place is in the world around him.
- George I. Gurdjieff

George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff was born in 1866 in Alexandropol, Amenia and during his youth travelled throughout India, Perse, Afghanistan, Turkestan and Tibet gathering esoteric knowledge that he later brought to Europe. Gurdjieff taught that man is a subjective machine, and until we begin the Work to become conscious, we are food for the moon. The Fourth Way is a system of teachings passed on by Gurdjieff that give man the chance to awake the objective self, the real 'I', and the possibility of becoming free from mechanical life. Until we begin to understand ourselves, our perception of the external world remains a subjective interpretation.


~ Signs of the Times ~

The world is burning and the population sleeps soundly. The planet is quickly decending into an abyss of primal chaos and the signs are visible for those who choose to open their eyes and question what they are told. The world was hijacked by psychopaths a long time ago, and the results of their nefarous labours are now baring fruit, and it's rotten to the core. Since September 11, 2001 civil liberties in the United States have been quietly removed by the introduction of the Patriot Act. The United States is now a police state. The mainstream media serves to control by promulgating distorted truth, disinformation, and outright lies. Truth has become the predication of independant alternative news resources that give the seekers of truth the opportunity to see the unseen in a world of smoke, mirrors and lies.

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Signs of the Times

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Information Clearing House

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Crop Circles

Since 1990 the number of crop circles seen in fields across world has increased dramatically. The mainstream media's subsequent attribution of the formations to the labours of two old men, Doug and Dave and a wooden board, ignored scientific analysis that showed evidence of chemical alteration of the crops, non-destructive bending of the crops at the stork nodes, magnetic field variations within the formations, visual phenomina and large designs that are both intricate and beautiful. By all accounts the phenominon shows intelligent design and not at the hands of humans. Check out the film Crop Circles: Quest For Truth for an informative insight into the phenominon.

Analysis of the Chilbolton Crop Circle

August 2001 Chilbolton crop formations

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~ Psychopathy ~

The consensus among psychiatrists of psychopathy is that of a relatively rare personality disorder effecting about 1% of the population. The reality is somewhat different since most psychopaths go undetected in society. The hollywood image of knife yeilding psycho serial killers applies to a small minority of psychopaths who have brought themselves to the attention of authorities by their criminal actions. Unless one is suffering at the hands of a psychopath, discerning them in everyday life can require long and careful study. The book The Mask of Sanity by Hervey Cleckley is still considered the seminal study of the psychopath and provides valuable psychological scrutiny of a phenominom that is far more widespread in society than is generally recognised. The psychopath's drive for power and wealth, usually at the expense of those with a conscience, makes politics an ideal occupation for their self serving personalities.

Linda Mealey of the Department of Psychology at the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, Minnesota, has recently proposed certain ideas in her paper: The Sociobiology of Sociopathy: An Integrated Evolutionary Model. These ideas address the increase in psychopathy in American culture by suggesting that in a competitive society - capitalism, for example - psychopathy is adaptive and likely to increase. She writes:

I have thus far argued that some individuals seem to have a genotype that disposes them to [psychopathy].

[Psychopathy describes] frequency-dependent, genetically based, individual differences in employment of life strategies. [Psychopaths] always appear in every culture, no matter what the socio-cultural conditions. [...]

Competition increases the use of antisocial and Machiavellian strategies and can counteract pro-social behavior…

Some cultures encourage competitiveness more than others and these differences in social values vary both temporally and cross-culturally. [...] Across both dimensions, high levels of competitiveness are associated with high crime rates and Machiavellianism.

High populaton density, an indirect form of competition, is also associated with reduced pro-social behavior and increased anti-social behavior. [...] [Mealey, op. cit.]

The conclusion is that the American way of life has optimized the survival of psychopaths with the consequence that it is an adaptive "life strategy" that is extremely successful in American society, and thus has increased in the population in strictly genetic terms. What is more, as a consequence of a society that is adaptive for psychopathy, many individuals who are NOT genetic psychopaths have similarly adapted, becoming "effective" psychopaths, or "secondary sociopaths."
["Official Culture" in America: A Natural State of Psychopathy?]

George W Bush

"I think that Bush is a sociopathic personality.
I think he is incapable of empathy."
- Mark Crispin Miller, author of 'Dyslexicon: Observations on a National Disorder'


Tony Blair

"the profile that begins to emerge is that of a plausible psychopath - charming, intelligent, emotionally manipulative, ruthlessly ambitious and self-serving."
- Dr Paul Broks, psychologist


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