Wow! Neoholicz now have their own How-To-Make-Neopoints.Guide!
Here, you will find hints and tips on how to make NP's the easy (or hard) way. OKay, here we go:


1. noticed the little game called chiazilla vs. mechazilla? if you have the fast enough PC and the right flash version, you can make up to 3000 NP's a day just plaing Chiazilla. what you do is:

Force Mecha up to the right corner by punching him. as long as you keep punching, he almost can't harm you. whan you get him in the corner, he can't move, then continue to pund him until you win. continue this 3 times a day. There, you've earned 3000 NP's in 4 mins! Cool, huh?

2. Take advantage of the bizznizz!
To be a businessman or woman is important in neopia. what you should do, is first make some money by plaing games. then try to get valuable items like a space map for free (that's simple just play the treasure hunt. I'll get back to that.) or wait in the magic shop for a cheap faerie or codestone to appear. If you are that lucky, DO NOT sell it for 1 NP lower. Please! then the next person who puts on that item will just put it one NP lower. sell it for maybe 1000 or 500 NP's lower, then whoever that buys it will see it as a bargain and buy it. at the same time, you lower prizes, and that's good for all neopians.

3. Free treasure map! (for those with much free time)
Noticed the little game called the treasure hunt? if you win (and that's not hard) you get a piece of the space map for free! the codewords can be hard to understand as first, but you'll get the hang of it. either, you can collect the whole map and earn items +10-12000 NP's or sell all the maps.

4. PlAy GaMes (duh)
not much tp say here, huh?

well, I hope this little guide helped you on the way to become a rich neopian! later, I'll paste NP guides from the neopian times for you to look at. Happy earning!

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