Abandon Hope Beyond This Point...

We (Desdinova) are in the process of furnishing and decorating NeoHell
Please Return at a later date when We are better able to extend our Hospitality...

Choose the path by which you will continue your decent:

I. Insane Babblings, both New and Old.

II. Perspective from the Glass Eye; Yet another consuming obsession.

III. Fall From Grace (dramatized story of one mortals struggles with Christianity)

Coming Soon...

Body of Work
You decide whether it is ART

The Garden of Forbidden Delights
Philosophical Ramblings,
Words of Wisdom and Beauty that have not yet found a Home,
Sociopathic Ranting, And other Things that will not fit elsewhere.

Playing With The Devil.
Our Sister Site, containing a Contest
for the best Actor ever to play Satan.

We have been Redecorating our Demesne. Tell us how you like it.

In The Beginning...

Nothing Below This Line is of any Real Interest...

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