Restocking can sometimes be a hard thing to do. With over 4,000,000 users on NeoPets, it seems like everyone is in the same shop you are, trying to get that same item you want. But it IS possible to get a rare, ultra rare, or MEGA RARE items!

Restocking isn't very hard. You must be refreshing constantly though, it won't refresh for you automatically on its own! When you see that items are starting to appear, keep refreshing until the desired item that you want is visible on the screen. When you find it, make sure you make a mental note of the price.

When the haggle screen pops up, quickly type the price of the item in the box! You must be fast! People who get these items mostly are, and anyone who gets these rare items knows that you shouldn't haggle over something rare! Just give the appropriate amount of NP the shop keeper is asking for.

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