Inserting images into your web page can make it look very professional, and very well done. I have inserted many images into this web site. This tutorial will teach you how to insert images into your web page.

OK, lets say I wanted to insert a picture of a money sign. I would type this in the HTML part :

<img src="where the picture is stored" alt="Text that appears if the image doesn't show up. This is not needed to place an image though.">

It would look like this on my web page :

Now, if the image didn't show up, the screen would look like this :

The text that you typed in the ALT Tag shows up here!

There are several other ways you can manipulate an image as well. You can add a border, or make the image bigger or smaller in width, or in it's height. Examples are listed below.

To make an image have a border on it, you would type this :

<img src="the location of the image" border="2" width="25" height="149">

It would look like this :

That might be a little more of a complicated HTML tag, but once you get used to it, there should be no problem!

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