This web site was designed by the NeoPets username damandatweforgot. There are two people who run the damandatweforgot account. They are :


Info about the damandatweforgot team :


I was the one to create all the content of this site. I had no one else to help me, only suggestions from you guys. I take care of most of the designs for the damandatweforgot account, like the shop. I also help restock, but my partner does the rest. I also do other things, like design the NHZ guild (also run by me, and Zach). If you want to join the NeoHeavenZero guild, then click here and sign-up! There are no more spots on the council though.


Zach is the one who takes care of most of the business involved in the account. He restocks often enough to keep the shop full most times we are on the notice board. He also takes care of most of the trades that we have up right now. Currently he has up a bottle of "Red Wine." You can go there and place a bid, but please be serious. We also have a hole set of Nerkmids, and tons of Map Pieces!

If you would like to make a donation to us, then send the items to neoheavenzero or damandatweforgot.

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