Kent and Medina's
Top Two
1.  How long have you been running?
Jodi Hensel:  I ran track in 7th grade and I ran Cross country for the first time in 8th grade.

2.  Do you have a team motto or slogan?
JH:  Not really, one of our favorite team quotes is, "The first mile is all brains, the second all legs, and the third all heart."

3.  What's a typical training week like?

4.  What was your hardest workout this year?

5.  What's your PR?  Best this year?
JH: 19:24,  20:20

6.  What's your goal (team and ind.) for the state meet?
JH: I would like to go out and run my best race and know I did at the end and definitely at least break 20.

7.  What where your goals at the beginning of the season?  Did you meet them?
JH:  I really wanted to have a great season, hopefully break 20 and I wanted to go to state again.  Well, we did make it to state, my season has been okay thus far and I'm really hoping to break 20 at state.

8.  What makes your team so good?
JH:  We are really close and we run for eachother, we work hard and are focused on our goals but also have fun.

9.  How do you deal with the pain while running?
JH: I try not to focus on pain and think of positive things, it also helps to know that I have 6 other members of my team counting on me.

10.  Did you run over the summer?  How much?
JH: I ran a little over 300 miles.

1.  Kim Jendre:  For about five years, but not serious until abou the last 3 years.
Lindsay Wojciak:  since 8th grade, so 5 years.

2. KJ:  No, not really.

3. Coach Brewer:
Monday- easy-medium long run
Tuesday- quality- medium, long intervals -this is our hardest day of the week except for race days
Wednesday- medium distance
Thursday- long run with pick-ups or medium quality intervals
Friday- easy 2-3 miles
Saturday- race
We lift twice a week, and end practice with 100 meter pickups (4-6) 3 times a week. 

4. KJ: Indiana: 1 mile slightly faster that race pace, minute maximim rest; fast 400, short rest; 1200; 1 minute rest, fast 400, short break; 800, 1 minute rest, fast 400, fast 400, short break, end with fast 400.

5. KJ: 19:48 for both

6. KJ: Top 25 individually and inthe top 10 as a team.
LW:  I would really like to recieve All Ohio honors again and finish in the top 25

7. KJ: My goal was to run in the 19:30's.. haven't done that yet.  Hopefully at the state meet though.
Coach Brewer:  Our goal every year is to advance to the state meet.  Everything we do in training and meets is designed to help us acheive that goal. 

8. KJ: Unity and that we all want to succeed so it is a big motivator.
Coach Brewer:  Our girls work hard and we have been fortunate enough to have success in recent years.

9. KJ: I think about my teammates and how much we all do it for each other.

10. KJ: Yes, Lindsay (Wojciak), my sister Jen and I ran a lot together over the summer, practically every day..a lot of over distance..and then running camp at (the) University of Michigan for a week.

11.  What is it like being on the same team with your older sister?
KJ:  I love being on the team with my sister.  WE are really close so it's easy to talk to her and we understand what each other is going through.

12.  How much do you look to Lindsay for advice?
KJ:  I look to her a lot at the big meets because she's so much more experienced and she knows what to expect.
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