Today was an interesting day to say the least.  The weather was at best uncooperative and the opressive heat and humidity towards the afternoon took its' toll on many runners.
A brief word on the D2 and D3 races.  Sunni Olding of Minster and Carime Rhinehart of Hopewell-Loudon had a nice little battle in the D3 race with Olding coming out the winner in 18:58, the only sub-19 performance of the day.  Abby Reeser of Circleville won the D2 race essentially uncontested.  She ran 19:40 for the win with little competition.  St. Thomas Aquinas also impressed with Kristen Proach running a 19:57.
The Girls D1-A race was to be the highlight of the day and indeed it was, except for Avon Lake which for some stange reason unbeknowest to me ran their A team in the B race (Megan McGuire won in 20:25 and the team took 2nd)., everyone was there: Jackson, Beaumont, Strongsville, SJA, Kent, Medina, Amherst, Mags, and Lakewood.    And the winner was...Jackson, by a landslide.  Jackson finished second to Cincinnati Turpin with Ashley Hmiel having an awful race.  Hmiel ran 21:28 to finish 65th.  With a good race from Hmiel they beat Turpin.  As it was, Turpin won 113-160.  Hilliard Davidson was third with 163.  Then came Strongsville (4th-215), SJA (5th-230), then a little problem.  One of my sources told me that as Beaumont's Anissa Reynolds had trouble at the finish line, the judges severely messed up her place.  She was awarded 28th, when she should have been around 47.  Coach Emery of Beaumont tried to fix the mistake.  The official scorers would not make the change.  Coach Emery alerted the other coaches, so that they knew what was going on even if the change wasn't made.  As it was, Beaumont was 6th with 246, but should have been 9th with 265.  Much respect to Coach Emery for trying to do the right thing.
Amherst (9th-291), Medina (11th-318), and Mags (13th, 365) all had good days.  Kent's team score is missing, but they would have been  back in 17th with 464 points after losing Jodi Hensel to the heat. 
As for individuals.  The pack ran together through the 2.5 mile point and then the moves began.  The mile went by at about 5:47 with the whole pack pretty much together.  The big winner this day has to be Maggie Infeld.  Running close to the leaders with about 800 to go, Infeld took off and left the pack behind.  Nobody could muster anything near what Infeld had.  Infeld ran 19:06.  Arguably the fastest race of the day considering she had to run at the hottest point of the day.  It was obvious she was spent when she finished.  She showed a lot of mental fortitude today.  Strongsville's Kelly Ardelean was not far behind in 3rd with a 19:20.  Ardelean looked strong and looked to have suffered the least from the heat.  Next came Amherst's Brittnee Barris in 7th at 19:42.  You would then have to look to the D2 race to find the next best NEO performer and that was WRA's Suzanne Andrews with a 19:47.  Lakewood's Michelle Sikes also ran 19:47 to finish in 8th in the D1 race.  Sikes looked bothered by the heat during the whole race and then spent ample time in the medical tent after the race and was still looking rough over an hour later.  Strongsville's Bridget Dalic ran well taking 11th in 19:56, barely edging Jackson's #1 today, Emily Givens, also in 19:56.  Next came Kent's Lauren Sloan in 20:02 and SJA's Rachel Mistur in 20:06. 
Overall the big winners today were Jackson, SJA, and Amherst, and Maggie Infeld and Kelly Ardelean.  The biggest question marks were Kent, Ashley Hmiel, Michelle Sikes, and what exactly the Avon Lake coach was thinking?  It was just one meet, so we should all be careful in reading too much into it.  A job well-done to all that competed.

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