Okay, I realize it's a rather overused cliche, but I'll risk it anyway.  There are only certain things in this life that are certain: Death, taxes, and Beaumont winning the state XC title.  I don't see that changing this year or any time soon.  They are too deep and too experienced to be beat.  It sounds strange to call a group of sophomores experience, but they did win it last year as freshmen.  I'm looking at Huron, Eastwood and Napoleon to be the likely challengers. 
   In the individual race, which looks to be the slowest in the state this year, it is almost wide open.  Emily Schnitkey from Napoleaon looks to be the favorite.  The pack behind her however, is formidable.  The inexperienced group is lead by Beaumont's Maggie Infeld.  Just a freshman, she has looked tough this year and is ready to go.  Add Lisa Uible from Indian Hill (18:49) to the mix too. 
   The experienced crew is really deep.  Abby Reeser from Circleville is an interesting runner.  She doesn't necessarily perform week after week, but always seems to step it up at the state meet.  The Knous sisters from St. Mary's memorial are perennial podium dwellers as well and should not be forgotten.  Amy Arnold and Val Zajac also figure to finish high down in Columbus.

My Predictions:
Top Team:  Beaumont
Top Ind.:  Emily Schnitkey
Local Teams:  Beaumont (1), CVCA (4), Walsh (6), Revere (7)
Local Individuals:  Top 5 threats: Maggie Infeld, Val Zajac and Amy Arnold All State:  Johanna Fickenscher, Schoeppner, Megan Hilledbrand, Megan Vermillion, any one from Beaumont: Reynolds, Stech, Murphy.
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