Sim Earich:

Sim Earich was run in a total swamp this year.  It did not lead to fast times, but there were still some good individual performances.  Beaumont's Maggie Infeld and WRS's Suzanne Andrews took individual top honors with 20:33.  Infeld in d2, Andrews in d1.  Nemergut of South Range won the d3 race in 21:29. 

d2 looked like this:
Beaumont took team honrs and Walsh ran badly yet again.  The highlight of the d2 race was an appearance from the long unsee Val Zajac of Cardinal Mooney.  She is a perrennial all-state XC runner, but hadn't been seen much this year and when she has run, it hasn't been too impressive.  Today was not an exception.  She was over a minute behind Infeld, but good enough for second. 

1.  Beaumont 38
2.  Walsh    85
3.  Woodridge   177

1.  20:33   Infeld
2.  21:43  Zajac (Mooney)
3.  21:54  Hughes (Woodridge)
4.  21:59  Bigelow (Kenston)
5.  22:27  Vermillion


1.  St. Thomas 42
2.  South Range  62
3.  Pymatuming Valley   91

1.  21:29  Nemergut
2.  21:46  Proach
3.  21:48  Fayen (St. T)
4.  21:49  Brickner (Lisbon)
5.  22:20  Bykowski (PV)

Kaitlyn Chambers of Magnificat led through the mile mark only to fall 10 yards behind Suzanne Andrews of WRA by the 2-mile.  Andrews then pulled away for the victory with WRA taking the team title as well.

1.  WRA  28
2.  Mags  43
3.  Boardman 61

1.  20:33  Andrews
2.  20:54  Chambers
3.  21:45  DePiero
4.  21:59  Bigelow (Kenston)
5.  22:31  Durkin (Boardman)

An interesting note:  WRA would have won the the d3 race 53-58 over St. Thomas and would have been second to Beaumont in the d2 race 53-79, with Walsh a distant third. 
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