Division III

  The team race at Boardman will be a battle.  South Range and Pymatuming Valley fought tough last week at KSU.  PV came out on top.  Meanwhile at Malone, St. Thomas was skating thgough their district barely braking a sweat.  With the return of Sarah Bertolini and Proach, St. Thomas is at full-strength for the first time this season.  McDonald, Kirtland, and Berkshire will all fight for the fourth spot.  I'm going with PV to win South Range second and St. T third.  I think PV is the deepest and St. Thomas still needs a week to round into racing shape.  Now, everyone from Kirtland calm down.  I know you beat South Range and St. Thomas earlier in the year, but it was earlier, things change.  Polls don't account for the fact that St. Thomas was missing it's top two runners the majority of the year. 
   The individual race is a give.  Sorry everyone else.  Nemergut will win this one.  Look for Grammer from PV, Boatwright from Berkshire, Proach from St. T, and Bertolini from St. T to round out the top five.  Wenhold from McDonald can be the surpriser here.  With another good race on the Boardman course she can break into the top five.  Cerankosky and Brickner will also be qualifiers. 


This will be a fun race.  Old rivals Seneca East and Liberty-Benton will but horns again up at the Hedges-Boyer course.  Sandusky St. Mary's, a tough DII team in the past has dropped to DIII and will finally capture a team birth for the Knous sisters.  Woodmere will also make it out, likely ahead of St. Mary's.  So there's your four.
   The individual race will feature two freshman that are torching courses everywhere.  Jessica Ordway from Holgate will be flying.  However, Carime Reinhart will be right behind her.  Ordway won her district by over a minute in only 18:54.  I say only because Reinhart only went 18:39 to win hers!!  Nicole Matthew, no slouch herself, won her district in a 19:21.  Of course, she's a senior, so she's gonna feel a little out of place in the lead pack.  Look for the rest of the 15 to be dominated with Woodmere, Seneca East, and Liberty-Benton runners. 
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