Division II

Team wise, this region is a vererable wasteland.  Look for Walsh and Revere make it through easy.  After that, NDCL should make it out.  The final qualifier is going to be whichever team steps up on that day.  The contenders are Minerva, Cardinal Mooney, Southeast, and Marlington. Field is dead, so forget about them.  There is a difference between a program and having runners.  Field had runners, now the ride is over. 
   The individual race should be alright.  Look for Cardinal Mooney's Val Zajac and West Branch's Davies to battle it out for the title.  Shoeppner from Minerva, the champ from Goodyear will be top five.  Stevenson from Conneaut will be a qualifier taking the place of Stephanie Anderson who just flat out disappeared last year, during her senior year.  (Does anyone know what happened or where she is now?, If so, e-mail me)  Johanna Fickensher is another top five candidate.  If she puts it together and runs a good race she could finish as high as third.  Vermillion from Walsh will be top ten as will Hillebrand from Revere, and Muth from Field.


The team race here is going to be a dusy.  Wow!  Look for Beaumont and Eastwood to stage an epic battle.  This is the toughest region in the state for DII.  You have #1 Beaumont, #2 Eastwood, and #4CVCA all at the same regional!!  I feel bad for anyone else there.  Look for them to finish in that order as well.  Beaumont has a young team, but tradition dies hard.  Let's also not forget the majority of the team is defending state champions.  Eastwood is always tough and always deep, this year is no difference.  CVCA has the frontrunner in Arnold to match Infeld from Beaumont, Eastwood has no such runner, but is deeper. This'll be a good race.
   The individual race will have a little suspense as well.  Maggie Infeld from Beaumont will have her hands full with Amy Arnold.  That'll be a good one.  I'm interested to see how the inexperienced Infeld responds.  Oehlers from Upper Sandusky and many of the Eastwood girls will finish high as well.  Megan Stiner will also qualify out.
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