Carolyn Rauen

School: Cincinnati Turpin
Hometown:    Cincinnati
Age: 16
PR's: 800 - 2:16
         1600 - 5:02
         3200 - 10:56
             5k - 18:00
Major Acheivements:  USATF JO XC 13-14 National Champion; 2001 State TEam Champs; Competed/will compete in 3 State Championships this year - XC, Swimming, Track; Academic All-Ohio (3.9 gpa)
OGXC:  You were able to double in the 1600/3200 at Regionals, and control both races, how did you prepare for the double? 

CR:  My training prepares me for my races and I like to think of it as a 5k with an hour rest in the middle!

OGXC:  Speaking of the double, why both events?  are you currently planning to run both at State?

cr:  Why not?  Yes, I plan on running both.

OGXC:  Heading into the state meet, what are your goals?  Do you have a certain time or place in mind?

CR:  I would like to PR in both events and earn points to help our team.

OGXC:  How do you expect the state track meet will differ mentally from the state cross country meet?  Will you prepare differently?

CR:  I have to remain focused throughout the meet, because it's more than one race.  I will definitely prepare myself differently because I was not happy with my performance at State in cross country.

OGXC:  You're only a sophomore now, what are your goals for your high school career?  What are your long-term running goals?

CR:  I would like to keep improving my times and continue to help my team succeed.  Also, I want to qualify to the cross coutry Footlocker National Championships. 

OGXC:  What is a typical week of training like for you? 

CR:  We do about 40 miles per week with 2 workouts plus meets.  Higher repetitions at longer distances early in the season.  Later in the season, we cut back to 25-30 miles per week with shorter, faster interval workouts.

OGXC:  What type of training did you do over the winer to prepare for track?

CR:  Regretfully, I didn' t run from Thanksgiving till March.  Although, I did swim competitively for my school team and competed at State.  (200FR and 200MR - Ed. note)

OGXC:  Turpin appears to be the dominant girls running program in the state right now, how did it get there?

CR:  We work hard and have fun.

OGXC:  Who was the most influential person in your running career?  Who got you started in the sport?

CR:  My older brother ran for his high school and I used to attend his meets.  When I started junior high I was eager to follow in his footsteps.  Coaches Jeff Branhan and Steve Nester have helped me to keep improving and continue to love running. 

OGXC:  If you could go on a run with anyone in the world, past or present, who would it be and WHY?

CR:  Michael Jordan.  I'm not sure how often he runs, but I admire his competitivenss and personal drive.  I would really like to meet him. 

OGXC:  Did you ever participate in any other sports?

CR:  I currently play four Varsity sports for Turpin:  cross country, soccer, Swimming, and track.  I've swam and played soccer since I was 6.  I started running at age 13.  (See what I mean, she starts running at 13 and wins the national XC title a year later and she runs an 18 flat 5k WHILE playing soccer!  I'm telling you, phenom. - Ed. note)

OGXC:  What are some of your interests outside running?

CR:  I'm involved with student council, and my other sports.  I enjoy hanging out with my firends and teammates. 

OGXC:  So, Carolyn, any words of wisdom or advice for other runners or anything else you'd like to say?

CR:  Remember to run over the winter, April can be a killer!  Strive for your dreams with a positive attitude and have fun!!

My thanks to Carolyn for this great interview.  I hope to catch up with her in the next couple of years and follow her progress!
Carolyn (Right) with teammate Corey Randall at the Dayton Memorial earlier this year.
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