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OGXC:  You recently chose to attend Ohio State.  So much talent from Ohio goes out of state for college, especially girls; what made you choose Ohio State and what other schools did you seriously consider attending?

CP:  Ohio State is a really good school, both academically and athletically, and I have always been a huge fan.  My brother attends the Universiyy, and I really couldn't picture myself anywhere else.  There is no greater privilege in life than to be an Ohio State Buckeye.  But other schools that I did consider were Youngstown State, Butler University, University of Toledo and Michigan State. 

OGXC:  Did you ever participate in any other sports?

CP:  Most definitely.  I played all kinds of sports as a kid.  I really loved playing soccer and basketball.  I also played softball.  I love to play tennis, baseball, kickball, bochi ball, and pretty much any other sport. 

OGXC:  What are some of your interests ouside running?

CP:  Again, sports are my favorite.  I like to go fishing, watch movies, read, and watch my big screen TV. 

OGXC:  So, Chelsea, any words of widsom or advice for other runners or anything else you'd like to say?

CP:  My words of wisdom are to try and have as much fun as possible, and just give it all you've got. 

My thanks to Chelsea for an outstanding interview!  She's won a fan in me!  I wish her the best of luck! 

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