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Top 15 Runners
Third In-Season Rankings - Oct 4th, 2002
1.  Maggie Infeld (Beaumont) - An easy win at Avon Lake in 18:50 followed by an 18:03 on a fast, but legit Hilliard course.  A week off due to illness cancels a showdown with Sikes, then a victory over Chambers at Malone in 19:02.  18:19 to win at Medina.  18:29 and course record at PSLs. 

1a.  Michelle Sikes (Lakewood) - An absolutely dominating performance on a hot day at Tiffin.  A new course record at Strongsville (17:58).  A win at Pickerington in 18:?03.  17:13 on a short McQuaid course.

3.  Caitlyn Chambers (Magnificat) - Second to Infeld at Avon Lake in 19:01.  4th at Tiffin in 19:36.  Won All-Catholic in 19:14.  Second to Infeld on a tough Malone course in 19:10.  Easy win at Wadsworth in 18:58 to win at Wadsworth.

4.  Bridget Dalic (Strongsville) - Ran well at Avon Lake to get up for 4th.  Then a second at Tiffin in 19:24.  Second to Sikes at Strongville in 19:03.  Then third at Pickerington in 19:14.  18:11 for 4th at McQuaid.

5.  Kim Jendre (Medina) - 19:10 at MMOC was good for only 16th place.  Would have liked to have seen her stack up at Tiffin to Dalic.  19:43 second to Hall at Boardman.  19:19 good for 4th at Pickerington.  Starting to falter after a fast start.  19:26 on the fast Medina course for 2nd. 

6.  Lisa Davies (West Branch) - Went 18:57 in her second meet.  Won Dover by over a minute.  Won Boardman in 19:11 to win by over 40 seconds.  Not sure what happen at Mahoning County as she lost to both Durkin and Cuevas of Boardman in a kick.

7.  Katie Hughes (Woodridge) - A 19:15 at Tiffin, albeit in cooler conditions, was good for fourth in the d3 race.  Proved she was legit by winning Boardman and outkicking Wenhold.  Won her own CVNRA Invitational.  No race last week. 

8.  Jama Bernard (Strongsville) - Seventh at Tiffin in 20:05.  Fifth at Strongsville in 19:28.  Sixth at Pickerington in 19:26.  18:15 at McQuaid. 

9.  Caroline Sanker (Rocky River) - Starting to come into her own.  Won McDonough by a minute and a half.  Won Cloverleaf with a 19:20.  Second to Infeld with a 19:06 at Medina.

10.  Brittanie Hall (Jackson) - 20:10 at Tiffin.  Won Boardman in 19:35.  Fifth at Pickerington in 19:20.  Off day with a 20:17 at Stark. 

11.  Jen Wenhold (McDonald) - A season opening win followed by a 19:49 at Tiffin. Second to Hughes at Boardman.  Had last week off.

12.  Jenna Yeakel (GlenOak) - Won Dover.  4th at boardman in 19:59.  4th at Malone in 19:47.  Won Stark County in 19:52.  

13.  Lauren Sloan (Kent) - A 19:48 at Tiffin puts her in early position to be a main contender for the title in the WRC and at the Boardman Regional.  Lost WRC's to Harp and dual with Hudson to Swidarski. 

14.  Kristen Swidarski (Hudson) - A sleeper out of the WRC.  She was second in the B race at Tiffin.   She finished fifth at Malone in 20:06.  19:38 at Wadsworth.  Won dual v. Sloan of Kent.  Third at WRC. 

15.  Abby Wood (Carrollton) - Under the radar until recently.  Her 19:06 at Medina to finish 3rd behind Infeld and Sanker, gets her on the list. 

Others:  Christine Collins (Chagrin Falls); Emily Givens (Jackson); Kim Gorsek (Medina); Megan McGuire (Avon Lake); Katie Nowak (Avon Lake); Certo (Berea)
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