Top Ten NEO Teams
Regardless of Division
Third Rankings - Oct. 4th, 2002
1.  ST. JOSEPH ACADEMY - Their balance is amazing and with the emergence and progression of some younger runners they will only get better.  Wolff looks to be improving and led the SJA B squad to a win at the Patriot while the A team took second in the tough invitational seeded race at Great American.

2.  STRONGSVILLE - Won an empty McQuaid invitational big as they should have.   Starting to get some support from 3-5.  Still have a ways to go to catch the top 5 in d1. 
3.  JACKSON - A team with tremendous potential that can't seem to get it together all the way.  Still won Stark county. 

4.  BEAUMONT - Continuing their climb up the rankings.  They beat CVCA and Perry at Medina with their 4th runner being on the B team and thus not counting and with several runners not at 100%.

5.  MEDINA - Won their own invite in a landslide.  Jendre seems to be tiring, but Gorsek is starting to emerge in XC and Ward and the younger Snell are coming into their own. 

6.  NORTH CANTON HOOVER - Second at Stark County to Jackson.  They are quietly putting together a good team at Hoover.  No true superstar, just solid performers in McCourt, Bourlas,

7.  CVCA - A strong second at Medina.  They'll need their pack to really drop to hold off a surging Perry squad and to stay close to Beaumont.

8.  PERRY - Fick and Pirc are back, but nowhere near 100%.  However, if they come on strong in the next 4 weeks, it's suddenly a 5 way struggle for the d2 title with Beaumont, Taylor, MicNic, and Wyoming. 

9.  KENT ROOSEVELT - Kent is back to being it's BiPolar self.  If they get the same girl to run well two weeks in a row, let me know.  But as it is, Sloan's lone consistency is enough to bring them along. 

10.  MAGNIFICAT - Chambers is looking tougher every week.  But she needs to get some help if the team wants to get anywhere. 

OTHERS:  St. Thomas Aquinas, GlenOak, McDonald, Brecksville, Brunswick, Gilmour Academy, Boardman, Hudson. 

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