Kent and Medina's
Team Captain:

1.  How long have you been running?

2.  What advice would you give to younger runners?

3.  What are your thoughs going into your last meet?

4.  Dou you plan on running in college?  Where?

5.  What's your goal for the state meet?

6.  What will you miss most?

7.  Why did you start running?

8.  Where will you be in four years?

9.  What's your best memory from your XC career?

***What is it like being on the same team with your younger sister?
Team Captains:  Lindsay Wojciak and Marjie Young
1.  Jen Jendre:  (I) started running competitively in 8th grade, but on my own in elementary school.
Lindsay Wojciak:  since 8th grade, so 5 years
2. JJ:  Don't get discouraged at first.  Running takes time to improve.  You have to work hard at it to get results. 
LW: listen to your coach
3. JJ:  I just want my last race to be my best.  When I finish I want to know that I gave it everything I had and didn't leave anything in me.
LW: I'm really excited but I'm kinda sad.  I'm going to miss high school cc, but I'm loooking forward to running in college!
4. JJ:  Yes, I would like to but I have no idea where yet.
LW: Yes, I plan on running in college, but I'm not sure where yet, hopefully a division one school such as U of Toledo, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, etc
5. JJ:  My goal is to run under 20 minutes, I would be happy with 19:59.
LW: I would really like to recieve All Ohio honors again and finish in the top 25
6.  JJ:  My teammates and coach, we are all close.
LW: My team.  I love those girls.  they have been such good friends and (a) great bunch of girls to run with!
7. JJ:  My dad got me started in elementary school since he rac in high school.  I mostly did it to stay in shape for soccer.
LW:  Um, Actually, I had my cc coaches as teachers.  I had Mr. Knox, Mr. Place in sixth grade and Mr. Brewer in seventh.  But, I think Mr. Place influenced me the most.  He had a feeling I'd be a good runner.
8. JJ:  Not really sure.....
LW:  I would like to graduate from college, have a good career that I enjoy, one that's exciting and keeps me moving because I always have energy haha!  Oh, and I want to always keep competing in road races.
9. JJ: Going to stae last year.  I never dreamed of running at the state meet in the beginning of the season because I was just recovering from being really sick with mono in the spring.  It was so much fun and it was cool having my sister go too. 
LW:  I think my best memory was my freshman year when the team qualified for the state meet for the first time.  We were sooo excited and we were all crying.  Another good memory would be the spaghetti dinners we have at different person's houses every Friday night during the cc season.
10.  What's it like being on the same team with your younger sister Kim? JJ: I like it a lot.  It's been fun, especially since we've been the only 2 sisters on the team for the past 2 years.  A lot of people mistake me for being the younger sister since Kim is better, but it's okay, I'm happy for her.  We are close and don't compete against each other at all. 
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