Katie Flaute

School: Dayton Carroll
Hometown: Beavercreek
Age: 18
PR's: 800-  2:26
        1600-  5:11
        3200-  11:02
           5k-   18:24 (xc)
                   18:02 (road)
Major Achievements:  3x All-Ohio XC, 12th at FootLocker Regional (2001); Team MVP in XC and Track; Carroll HS Athlete of the Year

Ohio Girls XC:  You were able to move up this year from 6th at the Regional in the 3200 last year to 2nd with a much faster time.  How did you get from being so close last year to making it this year?

KF:  The competition in our region is so strong and I was so close the other 3 years.  I think I'm in a lot better shape than I was before and I gained more confidence in my ability.

OGXC:  Speaking of the 3200, you had a breakthrough race at the Dayton Memorial earlier this year; what happened during that race?

KF:  I was just ready to race.  I had to take all of February off because of an injury and my first few meets were pretty frustrating.  My coach and I decided to skip some meets so I could get back in shape and Roosevelt was that first meet.  It was definitely a confidence booster.

OGXC:  Heading into the state meet, what are your goals?  Do you have a certain time or place in mind?

KF:  I want to break 11 minutes.  If it's not too hot I think I can go in the 10:40-50 range.  As for place, you always have to go for the win - anything can happen at a state meet.

OGXC:  How do you expect the state track meet will differ mentally from the state cross country meet?  Will you prepare differently?  (Mentally, not physically b/c obviously the 3200  and the 5k are different.)

KF:  I don't think cross country takes much thought, I just ran.  Track is different because you have to think about every move.  I just have to be awake the whole race, because it goes by fast.

OGXC:  What are your long-term running goals?

KF:  Next year I'll be running for the University of Tennessee, where I hope to make it to nationals.  When I'm older I'll probably try some marathons.

OGXC:  What is a typical week of training like for you?

KF:  I usually have one long run a week of about 8-12 miles.  During track we only have one meet a week, so I might have 2 other track workouts that week that I run with the boys. 

OGXC:  What type of training did you do over the winter to prepare for track?

KF::  For the past 3 years I've been going to a sports enhancement program where I lift some weights.  I ran a lot over the winter this year because I planned to go to Maryland for indoor nationals, but instead I got injured.  During that time I went to the pool and became a pretty good swimmer!

OGXC:  What type of program does Carroll use if you had to characterize it?

KF:  I think we do higher mileage than most schools.  Coach makes sure that we only do what we can handle though and I've built up to it since freshman year.  Most of the season we run with tired legs, but it pays off in the end. 

OGXC:  Who was the most influential person in your running career? Who got you started in the sport? 

KF:  I've known Coach Agnew since I was in third grade and he has definitely kept me going these 4 years and has been a lot of help in many ways.  My older brother, Dan, ran in high school and encouraged me to run on junior high teams.. I loved it as soon as I tried it. 

OGXC:  Okay, one for fun.  If you could go on a run with anyone in the world, past or present, who would it be and WHY? 

KF.  Pre, he's a legend.

OGXC:  As you mentioned earlier, you recently chose to attend Tennesee.  What made you choose Tennessee and what other schools did you seriously consider attending?

KF:  We had a meet down there last year and I loved it.  when I talked to the coach and visited, I knew that was where I wanted to go.  Ohio State was my second choice.  I liked the coach and team a lot, but I think I had my heart set on Tennessee the whole time.  I also visited Georgia, Michigan State, and Notre Dame. 

OGXC:  Did you ever participate in any other sports?

KF:  I played soccer, basketball, and volleyball.  I was always the one who had the most energy after a game or practice and would love to do the running drills.

OGXC:  What are some of your interests outside running?

KF:  I mostly hang out with my firends.  They're a crazy bunch!

OGXC:  Any final words of wisdom or advice for other runners or anything else you'd like to say?

KF:  Believe in yourself every race, don't say you'll do it next time.  NO REGRETS! 
Katie on her way to victory in the 3200 at the Dayton Roosevelt Memorial.
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