Division II
Top 10 Teams
Fifth In-Season Rankings - Oct 11th, 2002
1.  TAYLOR - Running as well as they are with a frosh at the lead and Crowford as their #2 makes them that much more dangerous. 

2.  BEAUMONT - They've got the experience and the leadership on their side.  Never count out teams that have been there before.  

3.  MCNICHOLAS - Roflow is really coming into her own and running as well as they are with Lammert being their #5 is a good sign. 

4.  CVCA - Not drawing that much attention, but running well as a pack and as a team.  

5.  PERRY - Gotta think Fick and Pirc will improve with each coming week.  The loss of one of those two however could be too much to overcome.  They need them both, not necessarily at full strength, but they need both. 

6.  WYOMING - Saw the gap between them and Taylor at their league meet.  Taylor got 5 in front of their #1. 

7.  SANDUSKY PERKINS - Their first good team in years.  A big win over Van Wert at Galion.

8.  VAN WERT - They go up and down week to week.  I think they'll make state, but I don't know where they'll fall.

9.  HURON - Renner and then what?  We'll get a good read on them at the District meet. 

10.  ROCKY RIVER - I think Sanker and Altus will be enough to carry them pretty far.  How far will depend on #3-5. 

Others - Morgan, Kings, Circleville, Lexington.
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