Division I
Top 10 Teams
Fifth In-season Rankings - Oct. 11th, 2002
1.  TURPIN - Rauen and Randall give them a slight early lead over HD, but the race will come down to #3-5. 

1a.  DAVIDSON - After their performance at their conference meet, their depth may be enough to counter any lack of frontrunners. 

3.  SJA - A little time off with no conference meet to worry about will help them.  Interested to see how Wolff finishes the season and if she can get back in the top 7 to help them.

4.  DUBLIN COFFMAN - Kind and Churchill are running strong and running away from people. 

5.  STRONGSVILLE - They are starting to really run well.  Dalic and Bernard looked off at the the PC's though.  Maybe they took it easy?

6.  CINCY ST. URSULA - 4 under 20 to win their conference.  Now with two runners emerging as possible frontrunners, they could contend. 

7.  DUBLIN SCIOTO - Running okay, but they still haven't put it all together. 

8.  BOWLING GREEN - They are legit.  4 under 20 at their conference meet.  They'll need a better #5 to make things close. 

9.  LAKOTA EAST - Defeated Colerain to claim the GMC title.  Keefer gives them an edge. 

10.  COLERAIN - They have a strong one two in Maas and Detzel.  Now they need some help. 

Others -  North Canton Hoover, Jackson, Medina, Centerville, Beavercreek.
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