Amy Arnold

School: CVCA
Hometown: Hudson
Age: 17

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interview from last Track season...
1.  OGXC:  This year's race was essentially a rematch of last year: You, Infeld, and Reeser.  What enabled you to come out on top this year?

AA:  Following XC State last year, I became very motivated to step up my training and work harder.  I worked hard throughout the winter season, and I became a stronger, different runner than the previous years.  I continued that work ethic through the summer and fall.  As distance running depends on cumulative training, I became better as the years progressed.  Also, my coach is very good at developing runners into their peak shape as they progress thorugh their high school years.  He wants us to continue to improve in the years after high school and to become lifetime runners.  Therefore, his plan to develop runners and my increased motivaton produced a great season.

2.  OGXC: What was your strategy for this year's race?

AA:  Throughout the season, I learded how to push and challenge myself, although I did not have the competition I wanted.  But, when it came down to these last, important races, I knew I would have to run a tactical race.  I knew that Maggie and Abbey were stellar runners and at the top of their peak.  But, I knew I could beat them on my kick.  The plan was to hang off their shoulders and let them set the pace, and I would leave them witn 800 to go.  I ran the same way against Maggie the week before at Regionals, so I knew that I could beat her that way.  So, my job was to be patient and wait for my kick.

3.  OGXC: Your summer training was, well, interrupted, shall we say, by a Christian mission trip to Haiti.  What was that like and how did it effect your training?

AA:  Every summer, the upcoming seniors from my school go on a summer mission trip.  This past summer a group of 50 students and teachers went to Haiti to build an all-purpose room for a Christian School and to teach in a Haitian summer program for the children.  I knew that this trip could interrupt crucial training time as I prepared for my upcoming last XC season, but I felt that God called me on this trip.  I believe that when God calls me to do something, I need to do it becuase it is all for His prupose.  So, I left in June for our 10 day trip.  While I was there, I became very sick and extremely dehydrated, requiring 3 IV bags of fluid to replenish the lost liquids.  By the end of the week, I was able to continue serving, but I was unable to run.  After returning home, I struggled with my training becuase of the continued effects of the dehydration.  It took me several weeks to get back to complete health, so I lost a significant amount of training time.  However, I was able to still run well this fall, and I believe that Got gave me the strength and couarge to accomplish my goals this season. 

4.  OGXC:  You now hold State titles in the 1600, 3200, and XC all at once.  A fete not accomplised very often.  Was it one of your goals to hold all three titles at the same time?

AA:  I do not like to put excessive pressure on myself, so at the beginnning of the XC season it was not one of my primary goals.  I have seen other girls put too much pressure on themselves and not produce.   So, I focused on getting my time down and learning to push with no competition.  But, when it came down to the end of the season, I knew the state title was within my reach, so that's when winning it became my goal.  Harry Lester, a world champion wrestler from CVCA, graduated last year with 4 state titles.  I now have three and am looking for possibly 2 more, so that I can graduate from CVCA with the most state titles. =)

5.  OGXC: You recently decided to attend N.C. State.  What other schools did you seriously consider and what made you choose N.C. State?

AA:  I visited NC State during July, along with 3 other colleges in North Carolina.  I fell in love with the coaches and the campus right away, but I did not want to get too excited because I was just beginning my college search.  In the months to follow, I was contacted by many coaches from around the nation, but I compared all of the programs to NC State.  Kris Roth and I made an official visit during October, and halfway through my trip I knew this was where I would end up.  The girls were so friendly, and the team was so close.  There are many strong Christians on the team, which is very importan to me.  NC State has a very strong tradition in collegiate running.  The coaches were so supportive and caring, and I knew that I couldn't find a better college.  I had been talking to coaches from Akron, Ohoi University, Coastal Carolina, Wake Forest, Auburn, Belmont, and many others.  These are all wonderful colleges with great coaches and teams, but I felt the most comfortable with NC State, and I am looking forward to going there next fall.

6.  OGXC: Footlocker is coming up.  How do you like your chances?  Can you make it to nationals?

AA:  I am very excited about the opportunity to run at Foot Locker Regionals.  I went there last year but became overwhelmed by all the people and pressure.  So, I did not compete to the level I wanted to.  This year I learned to not place any pressure on myself.  I would love to make it to Nationals, but I am more concerned about getting the time I am capable of.  The opportunity is there to make it, but if I run the time I want and don't make it, I certainly won't be disappointed.

7.  OGXC: Finally, the last question...What do you have to say to the critics out there that don't put you on the same level as say, a Michelle Sikes, even though you've gone undefeated this year, but because you lacked competition in most of your races?

First of all, Michelle Sikes is an awesome runner who has had a great season.  She really came through and ran what she was capable of running at the end of her season.  It would be an honor to be compared to Michelle Sikes.  I know that right now I do not have as fast of a time, but I believe that I am fully capable of running what she has been running.  Throughout our team's season, we ran challenging courses (Firestone, Goodyear, Virginia Kendall (CVNRA), and Boardman) where it was difficult to run fast times.  In additon, we attended the meets we'd gone to in the past so the team could get the level of competition they needed to reach the team goal of making it to the state meet.  Therefore, I didn't have the individual competition I wanted.  We reached our team goal, and now I am looking foreward to running against good competition like Michelle Sikes at the Mideast  Meet of Champions and Footlocker.

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