Jenny Fascione
School: North Royalton High School
Grade: 12th

Age: 18
Hometown: North Royalton
Personal Bests: HJ-5'4" 100HH-15.2
     300IH-44.3 4x400-3:54.76 4x800-9:24.3
     800- 2:14.70sp  400-58.4sp  5k XC-19:19
Major Achievements:PD P.o.W.; Sun All-star; NHS; Track MVP 3x; High Scorer in Track 3x; PC Champ in 300IH, 4x400, 4x800 3x each; State Record Holder-HJ Relay at 16'1" with teammates Houdek and Bialowas; State qualifier in track 2x; XC-1x; was 4th in state in 300IH; 2nd in 4x400; 10th in 4x800
Jeanna Fascione
School: North Royalton High School
Grade: 12th
Age: 18
Hometown: North Royalton
Personal Bests: 800-2:12.92 4x400-3:54.76
     4x800-9:24.30 400- 58.3 5k XC-19:18
Major Achievements:  PD P.o.W; MVP 3x; NHS; Honors Diploma; Pride in Academics in Spanish, Genetics; State Qualifier XC 2x; 2nd at State in 800 and 4x400 -2000; 10th in 4x800 at State 2000; School and conference record holder in 800, 4x400, 4x800; Conf Champ in those events; District and regional champ in those events

1.  In general, what do you enjoy most about running?
Jen- What I enjoy most about running is the friends I've made and the fun I have with my teammates.
Jea- Although I enjoy being a competitive individual, I really enjoy running with my teammates in a relay event.

2.  What is the philosophy behind your schools training program and your own individual training?

Jen- The philosophy behind my training is to put in the extra effort in the off season because it will ALWAYS pay off at the end of the regular season.
Jea- The philosophy behind our program is to balance time and effort between gaining strength, endurance, and comaraderie with teammates each day.

3.  What does your summer training consist of?
Jen- In the past my summer training has consisted of running 4-6 days each week.  Around August our team would begin more intense workouts by increasing mileage and lifting weights.
Jea- My summer trainings consists of getting back into shape by running 20 casual miles a week until official practice begins in mid-August.

4.  How did the two of you choose such different paths when it comes to track?  Where you "born sprinters" and Jeanna leaned towards the distance events instead, or was it just a matter of what you liked?

Jen-In eight grade, me and Jeanna, my twin sister, started off doing all the same events, HJ, LJ, and 100 HH.  Later that year, Jeanna moved up to the 400m.  My 9th grade year I moved up to the 300IH.  Our tenth grade year, me and my sister decided to join the XC team to help us build leg strength and endurance for track season, Jeanna then moved up to the 800m.  I decided to run the 400 and the 800 in the relay events after I saw the potential we had in those events.  The longer races have definitely helped me in my other  events.  
Jea- After my first XC season, I decided to run middle distance races like the 800, 4x400, and 4x800.  With stronger interest in these events, I dropped the LJ and the shorter sprints. 

5.  Do you train together and push each other to do better?

Jen- Yes, we do train together nearly every day, except occasionally I will do a hurdle workout.  We are competitive with each other and encourage one another to work harder in practice. 
Jea-  Yes, we train together everyday and that definitely keeps us on our toes.  The compeitive nature between my sister and I, as well as some other teammates, keeps the intensity of our workouts in tact. 

6.  What are you goals this track season?

Jen- My goals this track season are to have my personal bests and to make it to state in the 300IH, 4x400, and 4x800.
Jea- My goal this track season is to improve my PRs in all my events.  Another goal is to place higher as a team at State this year.  (NR was 8th in 200)

7.  You both recently signed to attend Kent State.  What made you decide to chose Kent and what other schools did you consider?

Jen- I chose Kent because I liked the atmosphere, school programs, coaching staff, and teammates.
Jea- Before I made my final decision, I narrowed my choices down to Miami, Bowling Green, and Kent.  My academic area of interest has an outstanding national ranking at Kent.  I also felt very comfortable with my surroundings. 

8.  What are your long term running goals?

Jen- Honestly, I'm not exactly sure of my long-term running goals. There are so many different events in college, hopefully I'll fit in somewhere. 
Jea-  My long-term running goals are to imporve my PRs and to be a part of a MAC CHAMPIONSHIP!

9.  What are some of your interests outside of running?

Jea- Spending time with family and friends, listening to music, building things, gardening, and working at my job. 

10.  If you could go on a run with anyone in the world(past or present), who would it

Jea-  Although I do not have one specific person I would like to go on a run with, I would choose to run with my teammates like I do everyday.  They are what makes it so fun.

11.  Any advice or tips to share with other prep runners?

Jen-  NEVER GIVE UP OR LOSE SIGHT OF YOUR DREAMS.  If you ever feel as if you are behind or off to a slow start, compared to the previous season, do not give in, stick with the workouts and push yourself.  If you do so, things are more than likely to fall into place at the end of the season when it really matters. 
Jea- Run your own race, stay focused, and strive for your goals.  If you really want somthing, it can be acheived with hard work, dedication and an understanding that nothing comes easy.  I WISH EVERYONE THE BEST OF LUCK!!

My thanks to Jenny and Jeanna for this interview!  Best of luck in the post season and at Kent.  Look for the Norht Royalton 4x800 to make a great run to State!!
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