800:  The 800 fell into place almost exactly as most would have thought.  Amherst's Theresa Feldkamp took the lead shortly after the 400 mark and pulled away down the back stretch to win in 2:10.05.  She split about 62 at the 400 mark.  North Royalton's Jeanna Fascione fought her way through the pack to get 2nd in 2:13.22.  While Madison's Francine Rhinehart did the same to grab 3rd in 2:14.73.  This was a sweep for the NEO girls and a well earned one at that.

1600:  Beaumont's Maggie Infeld and Magnificat's Kaitlyn Chambers ran hard early, but just did not have what it took to hang with Lakota East's Lindsay Zinn.  Zinn pulled away on the last lap to win in 4:53.89 and Infeld hung on for second in 4:58.02.  Dublin Coffman's Emily King took 3rd in 5:01.67.  The next highest NEO placer was Chambers.  Sixth in 5:09.10.

3200:  The 3200 didn't fair too well for the NEO girls either.  Celina's Kris Roth ran strong from the mile mark to the end to hold off Lindsay Zinn 10:46.78 to 10:50.29.  Emily King took 3rd again in 10:54.49.  A very tired looking Michelle Sikes took 4th in 10:58.91.  Sikes scratched the mile and was believed to be saving herself for the 3200.  She has not looked herself over the last month or more.  Hopefully she is just tired and will bounce back during XC season after some time off.  She simply looked flat during the race and has for the last part of the season.   Elyria's Molly Hammer took 4th in 10:59.51.  With  Strongsville's Kelly Ardelean taking 7th in 11:09.93. 


800:  Barnesville's Jennie Castle won in a sparkling 2:12.05 and CSG's Darcy Copeland took second in 2:14.32.  NEO's highest placer was Regina's Yandeh Joh who took third in 2:16.81, holding off Trinity's India Pettus who was 4th in 2:17.07

1600:  REDEMPTION FOR THE NEO GIRLS!!  CVCA's Amy Arnold took the prize as the top NEO girl at this state meet.  She won the first of her two titles by using a surprising kick to win the 1600 in 5:08.87.  Arnold ran with the pack for the first 3 laps and then destroyed the field on the 4th to win by over five seconds.  Upper Sandusky's Lindsay Dewitt was second in 5:14.02.  Arnold simply looked dominant.  See how she got that way by reading her exclusive interview

3200:  Arnold kicks again!  West Branches Lisa Davies ran in the front for a good part of the race before fading to sixth when the kicking began in earnest.  Arnold looked really strong as she pulled away on the last lap to win in 11:11.14.  Martin's Ferry's Mandy Bruney took second in 11:14.38.  The poise and confidence Arnold showed in these two races truly placed her in a spot by herself at this meet.  In college it is often that a championship race comes down to a kick for the finish and Arnold looks as if she has adopted that strategy two years early.  When she went, nobody could keep up with her.  In my opinion this is the product of good coaching and hard work.  Way to go Amy!


800:  The top NEO girls was Berkshires Laura Boatwright who took 4th in 2:18.41.  She was noticeably tired after the mile, but fought off the pack to finish in 4th.  The top three runners all opened about a 3-4 second gap over the field.  Columbus Grove's Lauren Slusser won in 2:14.06, with Maumee Valley Country Day's Edna Kollartis in second at 2:14.60 and Fort Recovery's Johanna Garz in third at 2:15.86. 

1600:  The next time somebody asks me who the most fluid runner I've seen is, I will answer Minster's Sunni Olding.  Olding ran <what looked like> effortlessly to win the mile in 5:00.93. She easily pulled away from Holgates Jessica Ordway who took second in 5:04.53 and Spencerville's Angela Homan in 5:05.53.  South Range's Kim Nemergut was the top NEO girl in 4th at 5:07.92.    

3200:  No NEO girl was able to hang in this race.  Minster's Olding, Spencerville's Homan, and Hopewell-Loudon's Reinhart controlled this race early and gapped the field.  Olding ran out of gas on the 6th lap as Homan powered to a near meet record 10:58.88.  The only runner faster was Seneca East's Brianna Shook in 10:58.81 (now at the University of Toledo).  Reinhart got dropped with about 3 laps to go.  After that, Olding tried to hold on to Homan, but couldn't as Homan gained some semblance of peace after her collapse at the State XC Meet.  Olding (11:19.18) is only a frosh and Homan a Junior, so they will meet again. 
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