She slams the door and says "I'm sorry I... had a bad day again..."

-Fuel "bad day"

Last updated on August 29, 2001...


Summer sessions have finished, and the OC crew still have about a month left of vacation. I guess I could use that to work on this site or that other one I keep promising myself will go up. In other news, I've become rather cynical of the gay community and being gay in general. Maybe it's just because I'm lonely again... that's always a possibility. I guess I've also come to feel that being a good person is not enough to get by in the world. Being a nice guy is what I'm good at. It's how I chose to be... but I find myself wondering if it's such a good thing anymore. I'd probably have found the man of my dreams if I were a woman or something.

This page is under a lot of construction... Though I will do my best to be better about further updates.

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