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last updated August 30, 2001

Full name: Giovanni Lao Morales
No, my family doesn't wish they were Italian, they just liked the name... capice?

Nicknames: Gio-kun, Gio, G, HomoNiiChan
As far as order out names go, for some reason, I've been using Joseph a lot. For those who are curious, I use an order out name so that people won't have to ask me how to spell "Giovanni."

Date of Birth: September 18, 1976
I was born in Iwakuni, Japan. The family happened to be stationed there at the time... Who would have guessed I'd want to go back to the land of my birth, eh?

Siblings: Patrick Joseph Morales...
or Trix... at least that's what most of his friends know him as.

Status: Single... but looking for friends... My dating score card is pretty bad. Guess I'll just wait for Mr Right to find me... hopefully not face down in a gutter drowning in my own blood. Okay, morbid moment. Gomen.

School: Joining some of the Hooligans at Olypmic College in Bremerton where I am pursuing the integrated multimedia degree.

Pets: One dog, Pochi... Crazy little bitch...
I mean, really... she humps EVERYTHING!!! Even AFTER getting spayed... It actuall surprises me how long we've had her.

Job: Once again serving time at the Wal*Mart 1-Hour Photo in beautiful (gag) Bremerton ;)

Hobbies: Hell, I dunno anymore... all I do is work, go to school... start drawings and let them sit around to collect dust.
When I think about it, I've not really indulged in much new anime, or drawn steadily in quite a while. Right now the only recent anime pursuits were Oniisama E (Brother Dear Brother) and the latest vol of Tenshi Ni Narumon that I got in the mail. I do have hobbies though.. right now, they just escape me...

Television: Still watch Ally McBeal when it's not reruns... occassionally watch SNL and Mad TV. I do a pretty good Miss Swan impersonation. I think I may go around as her on Halloween. If I had cable, I'd probably watch the Iron Chef on the Food N

Words or phrases you use too much: Well, I don't really have any more catch phrases or anything anymore. Though I was told by someone that I'm the only person he knew that said "egads" in actual conversation.

Character traits I look for in Mr Right:
To be honest, I don't even know anymore... I guess right now, I'm just tired of looking because I've encountered more disappointment and disheartenment (is that a word?) than anything else... Guess I'm taking up the idea that there are no miracles... (reference to Juri from Shoujo Kakumei Utena) But below was my previous answer in case I decide it's possible again.

Perhaps I'm a little picky in my tastes. I love a guy who's warm, caring, sensitive, and is not afraid to express his feelings in either words or guestures. As far as looks, I like someone who looks like they care about how they look and carry themselves, not for anyone's sake but their own. I'm working on being that way... If I ever find that right person for me, I hope he is the kind that brings me flowers for no reason but because he felt like doing so... The kind of guy that softly sings me to sleep and kisses away my tears and give me strength when the world is really too much for me to hold up on my own... The kind of guy that loves me for who I am and who I am working towards being. Though I am not changing myself for that person, but for myself...

What I want to be\do: Happy, for one... Do animation or a comic book... Though at the rate I've been drawing (or not drawing, rather) is it even possible?

Favorite color: Green...

Favorite food: Sushi... Donburi... Nihon no tabemono...Anything with Sun-Dried Tomato...

Favorite vacation: Hopefully Japan...

Favorite Subject: Animation, NIHONGO!!!

Favorite actor/s: I don't really know anymore... but I really like Sean Hayes. He's so terribly cute!!! especially clean shaven ^_^ As Jack, in "Will and Grace," he's a little swishy for me, but sometimes he's just so adorable in his way of being that I want to reach out and give him a big ol hug!!! ^_^ As Billy, in "Billy's Hollywood Screenkiss," I really fell in love with the character he played. In part, I saw a bit of myself in him, and also part of what I would like my ideal man to be like.

Favorite movie: Moulin Rouge, The Wings of the Dove, Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion.
I really liked Moulin Rouge because it was a musical, and it was hopeful, but ended tragically. Me and tragedy... that whole self-fulfilling prophecy going on. Dunno what it is... but [Wings...] is perhaps one of the most tragically touching movies about a bizarre love-triangle yet... and [R&M], well it's just a fun movie... quotes abound!!! If anyone needs to make a call, I've got a phone...

Favorite things to wear: I don't have as specific an aesthetic as I did before, but I usually wear a dress shirt over a tshirt, and either slacks or kakies (sp). usually leave the shirt untucked, buttoned up or undone.

Favorite band/singer: I guess I still really like Natalie Merchant.. though I've not heard anything new from her in a while. Now, I just listen to the radio... but I don't know if I have any favorite bands or singers anymore.

What?!?! After all that, you want to know what I look like?!

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