"I wanna know what this is all a-BOOT!"

Okay, here's the pre-emptive speech. We've got everything listed below. If you want to use an image, be sure to aske me first because as an "artist" I appreciate credit for my work. Much thanks.

Personal Characatures: most of these were drawn back when I had long hair, for those of you who didn't know me back them.

Video Game Charas:
Rose: SFA2
: Standard Full Figure.
: Reversable "Face Card" in fighting and ball gown outfit.
: Profile/figure image.
Sakura: SFA2, Marvel vs SF
: Standard Full Figure
Vampire Series
: Morrigan solo figure. (cel)
: Morrigan and Felicia.
X-Men VS Street Fighter
: Group shot...
Benimaru: KOF 94-97
: Standard Full Figure
Vice: KOF 96
: Standard Full Figure.
Mature: KOF 96
: Standard full figure.

Old Stuff:
Vigil: IRC Character that does not resemble me in any respect.
Peter: "Son" of Vigil. Taken in after having been abandoned.
: Standard Figure colored on Photoshop

ETC: See descriptions below... (if there are any to look up)

Christmas Cards '97 Only 5 were ever made. (plus Prototype)
TnP CG's:
Me... again...
My friends Stephen and Cynthia from Animation.
other stuff...

That's all there is... For now...