As of May 19, 2006, commissions are open!

I'm assuming that if you're here, you're looking for information on here's my price list. All prices are based on single-character drawings.
I would like to state that I'm not fond of doing backgrounds, so please don't ask for anything too complex; I will not do backgrounds in color.
All drawings are done on plain, 8.5X11-inch computer paper with a 5-lead mechanical pencil. Colored pictures are done with PrismaColor pencils.
If you are interested in a picture on 11X14-inch paper, all prices will be doubled. I will have to mail larger portraits in a tube to keep them from becoming creased, so naturally, shipping will be higher as well.

Line drawing, no background--$5 ($3 per additional character)
Line drawing, simple background--$8 ($3 per additional character)
Shaded drawing, no background--$8 ($5 per additional character)
Shaded drawing, simple background--$10 ($5 per additional character)

Flat colouring (no shading)--$10 ($6 per additional character)
Shaded colouring--$12 ($6 per additional character)

There will also be an additional S&H charge, entirely dependent on packaging, destination, and circumstance. Most pictures will be mailed in a padded manila envelope unless otherwise specified.
Contact me at [email protected] if you're interested. Take the time to copy and paste the form below if you already have something specific in mind.

What I need to know about your character:


Age/Age that the Character Appears to Be:


Race (if it's a race other than the 'standard' ones, please describe. If you have any questions about this, ask.):

Describe the character's costuming:

Briefly describe the character's personality:

Now, tell me what exactly you're looking for, as far as the picture itself goes:

Thank you very much for your interest!

For examples of my most recent artwork, you can visit my devART account or my y!gallery account. See below examples of each type of drawing I do.

Line Drawing, no background (portrait)

Line Drawing, no background (full-body)

Line Drawing, simple background
Line Drawing, simple background (this is a complicated border, which would be priced like a background)

Flat Colouring (this is actually very simple shading, but it's not enough to charge extra)

Shaded Colouring
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