Dec 10 2003

Neofourk has gone through its baptism of fire. We have played our first field soccer match. More details in the full match report.

Jan 12 2003

The match was postponed! Read more about it in neofourk fc news.

Jan 11 2003

Tommorow is the big day! Neofourk's first field match!

Dec 10 2003

More skills and drills added.

Dec 08 2003

The Roster is online, use it well...

Dec 07 2003

The Skills & Drills page is up!! Its not quite the finished article yet but you can expect it to become more substantial in time.

Dec 02 2003

Currently working on a skills & drills page because I procured some nice soccer books. Apologies for procrastinating on the players page, first of all i'd like to make it look really good, like have your real pictures and everything, with good and accurate information. secondly, we don't exactly have enough players yet to warrant working on the page...it'll be done before the end of the holidays.

Nov 24 2003

Some changes have been made to the site but as you can see, they are not very drastic. Be patient because this will take a while to develop fully.

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