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There must be a few questions in your mind right now as you are browsing through this site. What is Neofourk? What is the purpose of Neofourk? Who is in Neofourk? Why does this site have an uncanny resemblance to Kenneth's webbie? Before I answer all this, first, here is some general history for thee.

In 2001, 28 15-year old misfits were thrust together in a classroom in Raffles Institution. Cast into an unforgiving and competitive environment, they were forced to work together against the external agencies that would see to their extermination. During the course of the year, external pressures forced 2 of these misfits to leave this group. Embittered and saddened as the rest of the 26 were, they had no choice but to square their shoulders and meet the challenges ahead of them.

2002 was a strange year. The 26 survivors had finally managed to bond together to form a formidable force. This was seen in their inter-class soccer campaign where, against all odds, they managed to reach the quarter-finals of the competition. Friendships were strengthened, identities were forged. In the midst of this exciting new age of self-discovery, the 26 misfits became known as Fourk. The Ferocious, Orgiastic, Unrestrained, Resolute Kockfaces. However, they all knew that by the end of the year, they would inevitably be split apart by the onslaught of the GCE O Level Examination.

Not content to let destiny take its course, the beleaguered Fourkers initiated the Death Pact, where they would be bonded to a new united front that would rise from the ashes of Fourk. Hence, Neofourk was conceived.

Neofourk heralds a new beginning, where old friends will be reunited and new allies will be brought into the fold.

i think most of your questions have already been answered, but in the event that you still don't understand, here's a simpler way to put things. Neofourk is generally a club where Ex-Fourkers can get together and do fun things despite their varying schedules. We can do anything under the sun in fact but we particularly enjoy football and lanning. We also have a football team that might one day see the daylight of amateur competition . Neofourk also seeks to widen its ranks by getting new guys to join it, especially in the soccer team. So join Neofourk and have some fun!